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How to Kick Start Your Career in Banking Law in India?

Have you been lately considering upgrading your skill-set by doing a certification course in banking law? But, you aren’t much sure about the course on law and then you have perhaps come across the right page.

Banking and finance law mainly encompasses money-associated transactions, right from personal loans to corporate business agreements.

The popular saying ‘money makes the world go round’ is perfect when we talking about this domain of legal practice simply because of the fact that it is not only connected to money but also covers various legal jurisdictions across the world. 


What is Banking Law?

Banking law majorly emphasizes on the contractual association between the lenders (bank) and borrowers (customers). In all financial dealings, the key objective is to mediate and manage this association to confirm the designated party’s interests are met legitimately and commercially.

Here is the list of different divisions that you will be dealing with after completing the course on law in the banking domain:


Bank Loaning: 

A personal or business loan contract in which the bank advances money to a mortgagor that comes along with the set standard repayment terms.

Property financing:

When a loan is assigned by the bank to an individual who is willing to buy a property, then it falls under the domain of property financing.

Project financing

A long-term and multifaceted infrastructure venture that comprises public services requires a huge amount of financing. In such a scenario, the money is borrowed to complete the project and the amount is paid back once the venture is complete and starts churning out money.


Acquisition financing: 

A mortgage borrowed by an enterprise for acquiring another business firm.  In this domain, the leveraged financing is also included in which a mortgagor advances a substantial sum of money to pay the acquisition amount without obliging to pay their own cash.

Asset financing:

The moneylender will consider security over the purchase of explicit assets (generally substantial amounts).



It involves the use of the right technique to manage currency rates during a deal.

Capital markets

When a transaction happens between two individuals, a borrowing individual gives bonds to financiers.

What is the Role and Responsibility of the Banking Lawyer?

Banking law mainly encompasses several areas that are precisely intricate and continuously changing. Consequently, lawyers in this domain need to do a certification course on law depending on the area of their interest & you can write & share your business story here. 

A banking lawyer will either represent the mortgagor or the financier, and the mainstream role will be to concentrate on the transactional fundamentals of managing deals.


Irrespective of the explicit domain of banking, solicitors are supposed to help the clients in regard to consultations, constituting, and managing the financial provisions, and carrying out due diligence. A banking lawyer will have to arbitrate parties by helping them reach mutual grounds. and a responsible banker always guide his clients as per trending politics roles and policies 

Wrapping up

Want to make your dream come of becoming a qualified banking lawyer? If yes, then do consider enrolling in a certification course on law in the banking domain from an affiliated institution.


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