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What is Speaker and Types of speaker?

What is Speaker and Types of speaker?

Today we are going to tell you What is Speaker if you also want to get information about Speaker then you are reading the perfect post. In this post we will give you information about Speaker.

Computer Speaker Definition also you will know today through this post. Hope you like all our posts. Nowadays loudspeakers will be seen everywhere, whether it is wedding or any other program, loudspeaker is definitely used. Whether we want to play DJ or listen to music, we make it better by using the speaker. Whether it is a computer or a mobile, it is a music system.

You must have used the speaker at weddings or in any function. And today everyone knows about the speaker and uses it to make our sound system more spectacular. You have used the speaker, but you will hardly know about the Speaker and today you will get to know this information of the speaker here.

What is Speaker?

By using it we hear some kind of sound. The speaker presents a soft copy of the output as a sound. It is an output and hardware device. In which the sound is generated from the computer. A sound card is a component of a computer’s CPU. This component generates the sound produced from a computer speaker. By connecting them with the computer, you can hear the audio sound of the computer.

The audio saved in a CD / DVD attached to a computer takes electronic signals from them and converts them into audio. The way the speaker works is determined based on three things:

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Frequency : It measures the voice range of the speaker and recognizes that the voice range is more or less.

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) : It measures the nature of the sound of the signal given by the amplifier.

Watts : Applification takes into account how much capacity the speaker has.

How Speaker Works?

The most important function of the speaker is to convert the electromagnetic wave into a sound wave. The speaker has a round shaped Cone on the front, which is made of paper, plastic or some light metal. An Iron Coil is attached behind it. It is just ahead of the permanent magnet.


The electromagnetic field is generated when the coil of the speaker is connected to the amplifier and is given power. With which he pulls Coil towards him. And drops it repeatedly according to the signal of the amplifier. Which generates the sound from Coil’s vibration.

Uses Of Speaker In Computer

What is the function of the speaker in the computer, we will know further about its functions:

  • It works by presenting the audio sound of the computer to us in good quality.
  • With these speakers, you can download your Mp3, Midi’s iTunes.
  • You can easily listen to any multimedia in your computer using it.
  • It is a technique to listen to the voice in a special way. In this, you can play the song of your choice. And you can keep these speakers anywhere in the house.

Types Of Computer Speakers

There are so many different types of speakers in the market. But based on their use, The Type of Computer Speakers are divided into 4 parts:

Multi channel speaker :

It extracts the sound based on the channel. Like 5.1 channel it works on 5 speakers. And they have a subwoofer that enhances the quality of the voice.

Their price is a bit high, but their sound quality gives you a great sound of audio.

Pc speaker :

These speakers are most commonly used on computers. Depending on the sound, these speakers are very simple and easy to use.


Standard speaker :

These speakers work on a normal frequency and channel basis. For example, 2 channels use 2 speakers.

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There is no subwoofer of any kind. These speakers are considered good for office use. And these speakers also cost less.

Usb speaker :

These speakers are also called wireless speakers. If you want to use them, then you have to connect a USB to your computer. They work within a specified range. The quality of their voice is very good.


Through today’s post, you have known What is speakers as well as Computer types of computer Speaker. If you also want to know that How Speaker works, then you can take help of this post. You must have come to know through today’s post of Computer Speaker Information. And give your review about this information, tell us by commenting.

And also share What is Computer Speakers on social media. So that this information can reach more people. If you have any problem in our post What Is Speaker or have any question related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting. Our team will definitely help you.


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