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5 Methods to Take Care of Trees During Summer Season

5 Methods to Take Care of Trees During Summer Season

The tree caring techniques during the summer season is different as compared to tree care tips for other seasons. We all know that the healthy tree needs more attention so that they can stay healthy for long. You should take care of the trees in your yard all year round. Most people know how to take care of the tree during winter, but they forget to learn more about summer tree care tips.

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Here, in this article, you will get to know about various methods that you can implement during summer so that your trees grow well.

  1. Mulching Can Help Your Trees 

The mulch is an organic material that helps in delivering essential nutrients and water to the roots of the trees. The mulch should properly spread around the trees so that it can protect the tree from scorching sun heat. You should spread the mulch around the tree base and approximately to the depth of 3 to 4 inches.

Also, ensure that you cover the circle to approximately five feet. It will prevent the tree from dehydration during summer. The mulch can retain moisture for a long time and help in ensuring the continuous supply of water to the roots of the tree. It will help in protecting the tree from extremely high temperatures.

But it is important to know the right techniques to spread the mulch around the tree. Inappropriate mulching can lead to retaining excessive moisture, and it will affect the trunk of the tree. The excessive moisture will invite pests and insects that can harm your tree. Therefore, you should prevent tree trunks from mulch.

  1. Continuous Water Supply 

Sometimes watering trees sets confusion among people. Most people consider that water provided by nature is enough for the good growth of trees. Well, this is true, but it also depends on the age of the tree.

New Plants-

The newly planted trees need water immediately after a plant. You should maintain moist soil around the newly planted trees. Make sure water goes deep so that the roots of the tree can go deeper. During the hot summer season, you should water newly planted trees three times a day.

Two Years Old Tree-

Two years old trees also need a good level of water to restore their healthy growth. The best way to keep ground moist is munching. You should spread mulch and wood chips around the tree. Water the base of the tree for 1 minute with a garden hose, and mulch will keep the ground moist for a long time.

Tree More Than Two Years Old-

In two years, trees can grow roots deeper inside the soil. Thus, the tree that is more than two years older can easily survive in different water conditions. But you should still provide an adequate amount of water to the trees in your yard so that they are not affected by summer heat.
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  1. Check Trees for Pests or Insects Infestation 

The trees in our yard may look healthy and strong, but they can attract pests and insects as well. The pet’s and insects’ infestation appear when it is too late. Therefore, you should put efforts to prevent your tree from pests and insects.

You should thoroughly inspect trees every week. You should look out for boring holes on the tree and wounds in barks. The dead branches can also be the reason for pest or insect infestation.

Examine your trees for pests because it will prevent your whole yard from pest infestation. If you observe any signs of pest infestation, then immediately call a good tree services provider.

  1. Smart Tree Care Pruning During Summer 

The pruning should be done when the tree is dormant. But you can prune your tree during summer as well. You have to follow some smart tricks and techniques. The summer pruning should be done for a corrective reason only. If certain limbs of dying or broken, then it is wise to cut that portion of the tree.

It will help in delivering energy to a healthy part of the tree only. It will help in the optimum utilization of tree energy. It is very important to prune dead, broken, or affected tree branches to improve the healthy growth of the tree.

  1. Improve Soil Condition 

You should improve the soil condition where your tree is planted. The hard soil cannot absorb water and oxygen efficiently. Thus, hard soil does not ensure the proper supply of nutrients and water to the roots of the tree.

You should put an effort to convert hard soil into porous soil. Decompact your soil so that air can circulate inside it, and roots of the tree can absorb a good amount of water as well. This will ensure the healthy growth of the tree.


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