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Title Tag Optimization: A Complete How-to Guide

Title Tag Optimization: A Complete How-to Guide

Title tag is actually an HTML tag in the top end of each web page. It provides a context or cue of a particular subject or topic of the respective page. The title tag is featured in search result pages and in the browser window. It is widely used as a clickable link.

It is not seen like other content on the page like image content, body text, and others. It is not something a user can see when opening the page. They are not visual elements that are seen on a webpage. So, it is easy to overlook the title tag. The title tag has a small impact at the same time on organic rankings. Here are some of the major aspects to look for when doing title tag optimization.

  1. Context in Site

Before writing the title tag, you should know where the page fits in the website in its original hierarchy. The title tag of the home page will be very different as compared to the product page or blog post. For websites having plenty of pages, it is not easy to find tags which vary from page to page. This is why it is important to know the position of each page in subject matter and map out your site.

The deeper you go into each page of your site, the more specific you must be. Words and keywords can be repeated but they should be more detailed.

  1. Topical Relevance in Page

Next up, you need to evaluate the webpage content to know where it fits in the overall hierarchy of a website. Title tag is highly impactful for users and search engines when it introduces the page topic and vital keywords which are used in image alt attribute, body copy, URL, Meta description, and other sides of the page. You cannot just ignore the page content if it causes higher bounce rate. You should write tags with words that are also used somewhere in the page to connect the topic.

  1. Write Different Tags

Duplicate title tags cannot do anything good to search engines or searchers. You will see duplicate tags in Bing Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console reports, if you have them. Duplicate title tags are neglected by search engines. Instead, other content is used which is found on the text of the blue link. When there is the same tag in several pages, such tags are of no use for search engines. You can use data in Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console to figure out where you have problems and run your tests with any number of crawling tools and on-page auditors. You can add custom tags to your action plan if there is a duplicate tag in the site.

  1. Use Dynamic Options

If you have a website with plenty of dynamic data or a large ecommerce one, you need to code the tags semantically. A lot of websites and content management systems generate title tags automatically. If you want to customize or override the title tag, you can work in the platform settings or with the developer to look for the ways to have more detail and customize them. Make sure you don’t have to manage thousands of tags manually and you can scale up well. An example could have standard text in all the tags of product pages with specific names.

  1. Use Call to Action

Title tag must be shown in blue link as the text in SERP. It is a very vital space and the message must impact the decision of searchers on whether they should enter your site or switch to another. You must answer the desire, need or question of a searcher. You should know it very well as what your page is based on and what the outcome you get.

If you want to serve several purposes at one place, it is not easy to focus enough on CTA. Break your content into more pages and topics if you find the same in this case. Like the art of writing a strong ad headline of PPC text, the title tag should match the searcher’s intent to get the click. The title tag is restricted to 70 to 71 characters by Google. Keep in mind that any word which exceeds this number won’t be seen.

So, try to cover as many important phrases and words as possible in this limit. Be direct, concise and prioritize the words which matter more.


Title tag is one of several elements of SEO Company. Title tag is not a major detail. With the impact of CTA’s, title tags can signal the searchers of what the page is all about and title tags can help very much.

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