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6 Tips on Riding Bikes at Night

Riding bikes at night different from riding in the day. Riders feel night rides are the best because of the free roads and less traffic. A sense of freedom and joy comes from night rides. Speed limits become irrelevant and cops aren’t there in every corner to check for helmets. Also, roads with solitude are the best to ride in.

However, when it comes to riding in the day, there are many hazards. From the traffic to the pollution to obstacles on the road, there are many.  If you’re itching for a night ride, here are tips on riding bikes at night by Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service. These will keep you and your bike safe. Also if you’re night rider and absolutely hate it, these tips can make your night ride a lot less annoying.

Eyes on the Road:

You must be prepared for anything that happens on the road, and for that, your concentration should be on the road. Check for any oncoming vehicles, folks crossing the road. Know your surroundings and pay attention to them. This will keep your riding sharp and also help you stay away from accidents. The further you keep your eyes down the road, the more you see in the distance. There could be even animals on the road.

Don’t be Invisible:

This is pretty important! Keep yourself existent on the road by wearing bright colors, keeping the headlights and tail lights on, and sticking reflective tape on all sides of your bike. You can also get reflective tape on your helmet and clothes. This will allow vehicles to notice you. Your lights shouldn’t be dim and also shouldn’t be bright and blind you and the vehicles coming your way.

Ride Comfy:

Riding in the night could get pretty cold, so it’s best to stay well clothed. Make sure you’re comfortable about the temperature, that’s it’s not too hot or cold when you’re a bike. When you riding uncomfortably, there are high chances where you are likely to get distracted and lose footing on the bike, which can lead to serious injuries. Also if you feel sleepy, don’t close your eyes and ride! It’s better to stop somewhere and pull over.

Tips on Riding Bikes at Night

Forget being the Fastest:

When it comes to night riding, the notion is to go as fast as you can which really isn’t the case. All you need to care about is that you’re still on the way to point B from point A, not how fast you get there unless you need to. Don’t even think of racing other motorists or overtaking other vehicles. That will lead to unwanted risks. Keep yourself riding in regulated speeds and don’t try to match or overdo someone’s pace. There’s no point in proving you’re a reckless rider.

Learn to do simple Repairs:

You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s for the best you stay prepared. Keep spare fuses and spare parts, and most importantly keep a toolbox filled with required tools. However what good is a box of tools if you don’t know how to utilize them?  That’s why basic repair knowledge is needed, like how to take care of flat tire in a jiffy or how to change the lights or adjust a certain part. Also, it’d be really helpful to carry a torch, a good LED one for emergencies.

Attractive man is repairing a motorcycle in the repair shop

Carrying Documents:

This is a no brainer, I mean seriously, you don’t want the cops tailing on you and all that. So it’s for the best you carry all documents, license, and paperwork of your registered or rented two-wheeler.  If they find any documents missing, they will find you or even escalate the situation leading to a bigger fine. Also, wear your helmet at all times.

With these tips, you will become better rider at night, however not overnight. You also need to keep your vehicle maintained if you want a night ride without any hassle. You can get your bike checked or serviced at your doorstep by Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service.






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