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The 5 Best Video Editing Apps In 2020

As we all know that video content is in a boom on social media platform if we talk about the Youtube or Igtv Instagram or many ore video content platform. But one few people make a good or HD quality of video because they don’t know about this application.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 video editing apps that will help you to create HD quality of videos easily. This app the app is available on the google play store, you can easily download and use this app to edit the best video.

1. KineMaster

Kinemaster is one of the best video editing application for iOS and Android users. It gives you lot’s of amazing feature to edit videos like a professional. All the features of kinemaster are really amazing. You can use kinemaster diamond that is a free version and gives you all the premium feature to edit HD quality of videos.

It gives you feature to add multilayer for text, animation, graphics, images, colour and for many more. Along with this, you can easily export all edited videos in HD quality or you can share videos on social media platform directly from the app.

2. InShot

Some time ago we only want to edit videos without any fancy collages or filter. But now we can use many apps to give the best videos editing touch. Inshot is also one of the best video editing apps that give you trim, speed up, music adding feature, filters, collage and many more. If you are YouTuber need to edit video like for Nupur Sanon Biography, Songs, Facts, educational or animation videos then this application is best for you.

You can download Inshot from google play or any other app store to give the best editing to your video. InShot gives you many other features like precut, split, voice-over, editing graphics, animation and many more.

3. WeVideo

This video editing app is also known as cloud-based video editing app. This feature of the app is really very helpful to save the storage of your device. This application is available for iOS and Android device.

WeVideo really offers some advanced and amazing features that include audio editing, licence music, export video in 4k etc. But to use the licence music feature or unlock some other feature you will have to take its the pro version.

One other downside of this app is that you will get only 10GB of cloud storage. If you are going to plan, edit multiple videos and want to save on the cloud then you have to take a premium plan. You can use it’s the free video if you can compromise with the WeVideo logo

4. Splice

The makers of GoPro released an app that gives you a feature to splice together different video clips to create moving collage. The app is known as Splice video editing app. It also gives you a library of music to give the best video editing.

You can use splice to trim or add different videos and add the text and other media easily. Slice is also available for iOS devices. You can download Slice from google play store or from App store of apple.

5. VideoShow

VideoShow is also the best video editing application that allows you to edit video in more
creative ways beyond cutting and pasting scenes together. VideoShow is an award-winning application that has more than 400 million users. This application gives you features to add text, stickers, music, sound effects and many more. VideoShow is available for android and ios users.

Final Verdict

You can use this application to edit the best quality of the video. Because as we all know user experience is very necessary and without giving the best editing to our video content we can’t satisfy our user. So, download the app according to your need and create the best quality video content for your personnel use or for your Youtube.

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