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Surrogate Mother Search Made Easy

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for another person or persons, who will become the child’s parents after birth

Two kids, a pet, a mansion and a fleet of cars—that’s the definition of completeness that every couple wishes to experience in its lifetime. However, many couples are left alone with their fertility issues taking a toll on their dreams. There are millions of families who find their bloodline abandoned due to no progeny showing up. That’s where surrogacy comes as a boon. Each year, hundreds of families from all over the world take to surrogacy to complete families. The first thing to get surrogacy done is to find a Surrogate Mother NYC who will carry the baby for nine months.

Finding the right surrogate mother is not easy, especially when commercial factors play a big part in their selection.

Here Are 4 Things That Every Intended Parent Should Look For In A Surrogate.

1. Age Of The Surrogate Mother

Age plays a very important role in ensuring that the surrogacy is successful. The age of the womb could be:

  • The biological age of the surrogate

It is the age based on the actual date of birth of the surrogate

  • Emotional age of the surrogate

This is the intelligence score demonstrated by the surrogate

  • Medical age

Based on the hereditary and congenital factors, the medical age of the surrogate highlights the risks associated with pregnancy and post-partum. Ideally, the average age of surrogacy is between 21 years and 40 years. Risks associated with the surrogacy procedure magnifies with the age of the surrogate.

2. Pregnancy History

Experience with surrogacy is something that can be viewed in two ways. Once is enough, twice is risky. Yes, that’s the thin line every intended parent has to walk while searching for a surrogate. In most cases, the surrogate is a fresh individual with no pregnancy history. Considering the evident mood swings that most first-time pregnant women suffer, it is best to go for experience in the case of surrogacy.

Has the surrogate been pregnant before? Does she have any kids from natural pregnancy? Is it a second or more surrogacy contract? If the answer to each of these questions is “Yes”, it is a good choice for surrogacy. However, first-time surrogates are also very much sought for the procedure, especially if the intended parents are confident about their sperm and egg qualities.

3. Insiders Versus Outsiders

Locating the best surrogate mother could begin from the family and friend circle. Many surrogate centers recommend the use of a surrogate who is an acquaintance of the intended parents. It is way less complicated in such cases. Moreover, it becomes easy for the parents to adopt the surrogate baby without hassles.

Doctors, on the other hand, prefer surrogates who are biologically not related to the parents. The donor of the sperm and the egg should not be from the first-degree relatives to avoid mutagenic issues in the baby.

4. Surrogacy Centers

Finding a surrogate mother on the official website provided by the IVF centers. There are many women who wish to earn commercially from surrogacy. They are usually above 18 years of age. Surrogates recommended by the IVF centers are tested against STDs, lifestyle diseases, addiction, and other known medical conditions that could possibly hamper the growth of the baby during gestation.

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