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Sugar skincare DIY Gifts for Loved Ones

Well at once because of coronavirus there are many people dying, on the other hand we have free time and the time to really boost our immunity and to take care of ourselves and one of the parts of taking care of a cell includes a switching to a those ingredients and foods which will provide a boost to our immunity.  and of course although sugar doesn’t help in boosting immunity but we can definitely use it for skin care and it has proved its amazing results over time. so now that you have a plenty of time sitting back at home and working from home it is also good idea to indulge in some good do it yourself for your skin these are some amazing and soothing recipes to try during the long down and also at the same time you can use them to improve your skin care routine. Once you learn to make them you can send them to your friends and family members along with fresh flowers.  So let’s get started with them – 

Sugar skincare DIY Gifts for Loved Ones

1) Rose and Sugar bars 

Rose and sugar bars are good exfoliators for your skin and they don’t take a lot of time and effort to be made. All you need is cold pressed oil, dried rose petals, sugar, rose water and soap base. Now you can take all these ingredients according to the number of soaps that you are going to make or you can find the measurements online as well. Now all you need to do is mix all the ingredients like coconut oil rose petals sugar rose water together and then for the melted soap base into it and make it once again. 

2) Green Tea Sugar bar 

We all know the benefits of green tea and that is just something that we have incorporated into eating drinking and now we’re going to incorporate it into a sugar bus especially for exfoliating our skin. So to make this we will use the same soap base that we used earlier. Let’s look at the other ingredients – green tea about two tablespoons and never more than that, 1 tablespoon honey, coconut oil and sugar and their quantity will depend upon the number of soaps you are making.  And now you can send flowers online alongside soap bars and brag amongst your friends and family members about the same. So we’ll follow the same steps by mixing all the ingredients together and pouring a bit into the molds. 

3) Lavender Soap bars 

Lavender has been a part of our health care routine for a very long time. Especially lavender tea is considered  good for our skin and overall health. And that is why today we are incorporating lavender into the soap base. Now make sure that when you are buying the soap base it has to be the most natural and neutral, unscented, uncoloured, unprocessed, generic white in colour. Next time buy online bouquet and flower delivery in pune, and add these handmade soaps alongside. They’ll be the best gift ever given to anyone. Now to make the lavender soap sugar bar we will once again mix sugar, lavender buds, coconut oil and a few drops of any of your favourite essential oils you can also go with lavender essential oil and finally the soap base mix it well and then fore it into the moles of your choice. Thus amazing soap bars that are purely homemade and exploiting for your skin are ready. 

4) Activated Charcoal 

We all know the underlying effects of using charcoal on our skin and they have proved to be amazing overtime and some of the benefits of activated charcoal for hours can include unclogged pores, removal of any impurities and dead skin cells. And anything on your skin like dirt, heavy chemicals from cosmetics, toxins and other poisons are removed using charcoal. So to make the charcoal sugar bar we’ll use soap base, 1/4th teaspoon activated charcoal, coconut oil, and mix all of them together. Now your all-natural activated charcoal exfoliating sugar bars are ready. You can send it alongside fresh flowers and send it as a birthday to your friends and family members.

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