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Spy on Facebook using OgyMogy

Spy on Facebook using OgyMogy

Technology has evolved to the next level over the last two decades and within these twenty years; we have come across a variety of inventions such as social media websites and apps. We all know about Facebook today and it is the leading social media platform these days that enables people to interact with each other without payment

The social networking apps and websites are the free communication tools that are widely used in the world. People use it regularly to interact with the family, friends and loved ones. Therefore, plenty of peoples are trying to monitor social media apps and website accounts of someone because of its regular usage. There are the three major groups of people that are desperately doing their best to track FB no time ever before. Let’s discuss them below.

Who wants to spy on FB?

We have already discussed that there are certain groups of people that want to do surveillance on the instant messaging app installed on their target cellphone device in particular. Parents are the ones that want to track social messaging app active on their kid’s devices to set parental control.

Spy on Facebook

Parents want to know why kids are spending too much time on Facebook. Employers community are facing a very difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic because they have to allow the employee to work from home but still employees are goofing off on social media like FB during working hours. People in a relationship are facing cyber infidelity and plenty of people in a relationship have suspicions on their partners.

No matter what if you are parents, employers and anyone who is in a relationship and you want to spy on social media app, and then install OgyMogy mobile spy on your target cellphone device.

How to get & Install OgyMogy to monitor Facebook?

The very first you need to make is to get use your mobile device browser and it must have an internet connection. Furthermore, go to the official webpage of it and then get the subscription. After you have got it then you will receive an email. Now check your email inbox and collect the credentials and further get physical access of your child, employee or love one and get started with the installation process.

Complete the process of installation and activate it on the target cellphone device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and get your hands on the powerful tools that enable you to monitor Facebook running on the targeted device. Let’s get to know about the tools that can enable you to get the job done.

Use OgyMogy to spy on Facebook tools: Live screen recording

Us the online web control panel and further get access to the features of TOS and activate screen recorder software. It will instantly start recording the screen of the device and record short back to back videos of the screen. You can record short videos of the screen and send to the web portal. Furthermore, you can see the live recording of the videos and get to know the activities of children, employees and loves ones remotely and make your decisions accordingly. You can see the activities of chat conversations, text messages, logs of audio-video calls, sharing media and last but not the least voice messaging activities on the instant messaging app.


You can remotely capture screenshots on the target device screen when the target user is using Facebook on the cellphone device. Parents can capture screenshots by setting multiple schedules at once on the target device. It will enable you to know all the activities target device user has performed on the social messaging app.

IM’s logs

You can get the logs of all the instant messaging apps including Facebook running on the target mobile device. You can get the logs of messages, chats messages, audio-video call logs, multimedia sharing and last but not the least Voice messages.

Keystrokes logging

You can get all the keystrokes applied on the target device and on installed Facebook such as messages keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and last but not the least password keystrokes.


OgyMogy is the best tool for tracking children, employees, and loves one’s social media app activities. You can use it on someone’s phone to spy on Facebook.


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