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There was a time when polyester was considered to be the most horrid man-made fabric. The most common complaint that people had about this fabric was that it would make them sweat profusely in the summer months and enhance the chill during the winter season. However, over the past several years, polyester seems to have redeemed its reputation quite significantly.

This is evident from the fact that today, t-shirts made from 100% polyester have become extremely popular and are, in fact, amongst the top-selling garments in the market. If that were not enough, these t-shirts are often the first choice for group T-shirt design used extensively by different sports teams across the globe. Given below are some key reasons that have led to the transformation of polyester from being the least liked fabric to the most popular one, especially for use in sports.

It Is Highly Durable

Polyester is extremely durable as compared to most other natural and man-made fabrics. The t-shirts made from 100% polyester often last an entire lifetime without losing their sheen or brightness even slightly. This makes them a perfect choice for use in sports activities with an exceptionally high level of wear and tear. The fabric is so strong that it does not tear even after continuous exposure to extreme conditions and even when it is handled in the most careless manner day in and day out.

It Is Extremely Affordable

Most people believe that a fabric that offers such a high level of durability would naturally come with a high price tag. Another factor that contributes to this belief is that the fabric is extracted from crude oil. However, this is where polyester again beats most other types of fabrics, as it comes at a fairly cheap price. In fact, polyester is one of the most affordable fabrics available in the market today, which is mainly due to the fact that the fabric is produced in fairly large quantities. In fact, the cost of t-shirt printing online for 100% polyester t-shirts is also fairly lesser than printing on cotton or other blended fabrics.

The Fabric Does Not Shrink

One of the most liked qualities of polyester fabric is that it does not shrink even after frequent washing. This eliminates the need for sports teams to replace their entire uniforms every year or even twice a year. Moreover, since the fabric is quite flexible, its shape rarely changes besides which its colour is also more stable resulting in almost zero fading. This ensures that the t-shirts made from 100% polyester keep looking like new even after years of use. This is quite opposite to 100% cotton t-shirts or blended fabric t-shirts, which look faded and worn out after only a few months of use.

It Keeps Sweat Away From Skin

While it is a fact that 100% polyester t-shirts make people feel hotter, the fabric actually helps in keeping the skin dry. This is because even though polyester is not capable of absorbing the sweat, it is quite effective in pulling the sweat away from the skin. This is made possible thanks to the capillary tube-like structure of the fabric which sucks up the sweat without allowing it to get embedded into the fabric. This can actually make the wearers feel like their skin is cool and dry, even when they are sweating excessively due to their sports activity. Moreover, since the sweat does not get embedded in the fabric, it does not leave behind any stains or weaken the thread of the fabric due to the absorption of the salts present in the sweat.

It Is Sustainable

This might come as a surprise for many, but the polyester fabric is actually sustainable. Thus it is the right choice for people trying to send out a message about environment conservation and even contributing to the cause actively. Most modern polyester t-shirts are made by blending recycled polyester and organic cotton. Even though this fact is not promoted much, it has contributed significantly to the growing popularity of the fabric, especially among the younger generations. Investing in 100% polyester t-shirts thus helps sports teams to reduce their carbon footprint in a stylish and comfortable manner.

The above pointers make it quite clear that 100% polyester t-shirts are truly a great choice for individuals and teams actively engaged in different types of sports activities.


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