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Software to Improve Internal Communication in the Workplace

Communication is a soul for any active business. A perfect workplace is one where information passes across all departments that everyone is on the same page. Poor communication can affect your bottom line. As a sales and customer care support team are to work together, they cannot afford miscommunication.

Both the teams are responsible for maintaining the desired level of customer satisfaction. Seamless communication across and within the branches of the company is hard to maintain, but software can help you pass the right information to other members of the team at the right time.

Healthy internal communication can boost productivity and keep your customers highly satisfied. When each member of your team knows what they are supposed to do, you can quickly achieve your goal. Here are some of the communication software you should use to grow.


Better communication leads to higher productivity. You can create a topic within the group and discuss them with your team anytime from anywhere. It facilitates discussion on topics, making it easier for your team to decipher what they have to do. It can allow you to connect with your colleagues from anywhere regardless of the device they are using. Here is how it improves communication and productivity:

  • You can manage all your teams effectively by creating different topics.
  • You can hold a private conversation with specific teams or teammates.
  • If you want to go back to the conversation held a week or two weeks ago, you can use the search bar and find the message.
  • You can send over the same message to the entire team members at once.
  • You can share documents and files with your teammates, and all will be encrypted.
  • Apart from a group chat, you can also send voice notes.

Britix 24

If you are looking for a free collaboration tool, britix 24 is the best tool to improve internal communication across and within your teams. It provides all internal communication tools like the intranet, chats, videoconferencing, and calendars at one place.

Social intranet portal can help you have an insight into conversations, streaming activities, announcements, likes and dislikes. The tool is equipped with features to facilitate private and public conversation. As it is featured with shared calendars, you all will know about the scheduled events beforehand.

It provides a free app for both mobiles and desktops. Besides, to streamline communication, the software offers the following features additionally:

  • It is featured with an HR management system that helps you with attendance management, work reports, workflow automation, and the like.
  • You can manage all documents and files as it offers unlimited cloud storage.
  • It is also featured with a free CRM system. It can provide you with all essential tools sales funnel, pipeline management, sales report, and sales automation.


Slack will ensure productivity regardless of the location of your employees. It is considered the best app to provide real-time communication. It is used by those organizations that offer work from home facility to their employees.

All you need is to create channels to send messages to the whole team. As long as you have a query or vital information to share with colleagues of a particular department, you can drop the message then and there.

You will know what everyone is working on even though your teams are working remotely. You can maintain the transparency using channels to mention deadlines for each assigned task, and you can review documents and give approvals. If you want to schedule meetings with your employees, you can schedule it and set up an interactive interface without further ado.


The other free team chat software is Samepage. This software has all tools you need to have your team on the same page. All you need to do is to get your team signed up and then you can start a conversation with your employees. You can use voice and videos to communicate with them. It does not cost at all.

The features this app offers include but not limited to one-to-one messaging, group messaging, one-to-one and group audio and video calling. You can keep all conversations organized by attaching comments to anything you share. You can also search for the specific conversation using the search history option.


The app provides all means of communication from text to an audio call. You can contact your team anytime from anywhere. Here are the features of Blizz:

  • You can conduct an instant meeting with one click.
  • You can also make a VoIP call to share crucial information that is hard to explain through text.
  • You can hold a group meeting. The size of the group can be up to 300 employees.
  • You do not need to build email threads as you can communicate your message through text, audio calls, and video calls.


Basecamp is a paid software app. However, you can use it as a free trial for a limited period. Though free software applications provide you with multiple chat options to communicate your message to your employees, they do not have all features at one place.

Paid communication tools are better and more effective because they can bring all things together like schedules, group chats, to-do lists, deadlines, files, documents, and comments in one place. Nothing will fall through the cracks if everything is at one place.

Free tools are a better choice if you are a start-up to be habitual of them. However, you may need to invest in a tool with advanced features. If you do not have a budget to pay for it, you can take out doorstep loans for unemployed.

If you want to improve communication between all your employees, you will need to invest in communication software. The software mentioned above can ensure that you and your team are on the same page.


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