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Small Step Towards A Healthy Life

Leading a healthy life sometimes seems so stressful and hard-work, isn’t it? We have to eat small portions of healthy home-cooked meals, make sure not to eat an abundance of sweet or oily or junk food, get in an hour of workout every single day or at least six days a week. Who has the time to do this or worry about doing this? Also, it is stressful to measure your ingredients and make sure you are eating healthy?

It can overwhelm you, but to stay healthy, taking small steps is necessary. How? Here are simple steps for starting and keeping your life on a healthy track.

1.     Stay hydrated

The best and most important tip is to stay hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, it affects your kidney, digestive system, and your skin and hair. So, if you want glowing skin and a perfect digestive system, drink lots of water. The amount of water a person needs differs, but it is usually around 8 glasses.

If you don’t like the taste of water that much, drink infused water (cucumber or strawberry) or drink coconut water.

2.     Sleep is critical

When you don’t, it tires you out, you become frustrated and you make bad choices when it comes to food and exercises. You tend to grab more junk food and feel sluggish most of the time. So, make sure you sleep for at least six to seven hours a day.

3.     Eat a healthy and filling breakfast

Never skip your breakfast, you must eat a filling and nutritious breakfast. You are already fasting for 10-12 hours, if you skip breakfast too, the time increases and you will be famished. It will make you gorge on your lunch, which is not good.

Eat a breakfast which is high in protein and fibre as they help you lose weight and build muscles, and keep your digestive system healthy. Eggs, oats, smoothies (a healthy one), veggies or fruit are some of the ideal choices as they are quick and nutritious.

4.     Never skip a meal

Just like skipping breakfast is not ideal, skipping other meals is also not ideal. When you skip meals, you feel famished and you overeat or eat junk.

So, eat regular meals and eat healthy snacks in between too.

5.     Ignore trigger foods

Everyone has some trigger foods that they are unable to resist or put down one after the other. It is different for everyone; it can be chocolate or sweets or more. Also, when you are emotional, you reach for these trigger foods.

So, avoid them as much as you can. Moreover, when you are under emotional stress, do something else like listen to a song or talk to a friend. It is best that you don’t have your trigger food lying around at home.

6.     Get in some fresh air

Fresh air can do wonders for your health. Make it a point to go out for a walk at least twice a day. It is awesome for your mental and physical health.

Go for a morning or walk everyday. During this pandemic, it is best to run a mile at a place which has less people so that you can social distance, and make sure to wear a mask. Also, you can go on an evening walk while walking your dog everyday.

7.     Exercise every day

Working out is extremely beneficial for your health. It makes you physically fit, and when you work out, your body releases endorphins which makes you happy too.

So, perform any variety of exercise that you are comfortable with, like dancing, swimming, yoga, or cardio. Also, make it a point to do meditation daily for at least 10 minutes as it will calm your mind.

8.     Motivate yourself

Work on motivating yourself daily. Write a journal, keeping track of your fitness journey which will inspire you to never quit. Furthermore, keep your environment positive by sticking motivational posters in your room or office. You can make the posters using the Canva tool.

9. Make stairs your best friend

A lot of time, we are unable to get in our daily exercise due to busy schedules or more. In such a situation, taking stairs is a great way to get in some cardio. Your workplace or your building must have a staircase, use that instead of the elevators and the escalators.

Also, make a habit of going two or three flights of stairs every day. It can make a hell of a difference to your body.

10. Say bye-bye to processed food

Okay, I know that no one can stop eating processed food altogether. But we also know that they damage the body as they are high in sugar and bad carbs. So, it is better to restrict their intake, and when you eat them, try to limit their portion. We can indulge in them as they taste heavenly, but it is something that we need to stop doing.

Also, don’t go for energy drinks or soft-drinks, especially daily as drinking sugar is way worse than eating it. Once in a blue moon is fine, but don’t make them a staple in your meals.

11. Weekends are not for slugging

A lot of people workout with dedication during the week, but when the weekend comes they stray off the track. It happens to the best of us as we have social plans or we are too lazy to get up early to workout, and more. These two days are for relaxing, so a lot of people overdo indulgences which washes over all the effort that they put into their body. If you don’t want to happen, here are some tips:

  • Wake-up at a decent time, and eat a healthy breakfast. If you plan for dinner or lunch, make sure at least one of your meals is healthy and home-cooked.
  • Eat-in limit, and try to order healthy foods.
  • Somedays, you can meet your people for coffee, instead of lunch or so.
  • Try to get in 20 minutes of exercise, even on weekends.

12. Keep healthy snacks

Staying hungry will not help you lose weight. It can lead to bigger problems. So, always carry healthy snacks so that you are not tempted by junk. For instance, dark chocolates, nuts, yogurt, and fruit are something that you can eat as a snack. Also, read about the low card diet.

These are small steps but quite effective, which can help you make effective changes to your life.



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