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Super Cool Ideas to Create Small Garden In Your Balcony

Super Cool Ideas to Create Small Garden In Your Balcony

The balcony is the extension of any house and it is the perfect spot to spend some quality time with family. It is a great place to absorb some warmth and spend some leisure time. So it is a wonderful idea to decorate your balcony with green plants and make it even more beautiful so that you can spend hours and hours chilling in your balcony.

You do not need to have a big balcony for transforming it into a small garden. Even if your balcony is small there are so many ways you can decorate it with the help of plants and flowers. It is important to be surrounded by plants and greenery because they will [purify the air around us and also make us feel relaxed every time.

These plants will not only beautify your home but it will give so many health benefits and increase the moisture in the atmosphere if the air around is dry. Thus we are here with some really cool ideas to create a small garden in your balcony and make it the best spot at your home for chilling and entertaining.

  1. Put Decorative Flower Pots:

You simply have to take some really artful flower pots. The containers you would use should be very well decorated apart from just being practical. You can use clay pots or colorful ceramic. Make sure they are compatible with the growing habit of the plants you are going to put in them. Also if you are creative you can also make designs on the flower pots and draw or paint on the flower pots in such a way that it complements your home.

  1. Make a Vertical Garden:

If you do not adequate space in your balcony, you can use this method. By creating a vertical garden in your balcony you can easily double up the gardening area even with little space. You will have to buy a potholder or create one at home that would hold the planters vertically.

Vertical gardens are too gorgeous to look so they will add aesthetic value to your balcony too. Order flowers online from our online florist and surprise your near and dear ones with fresh and gorgeous blooms on their special day and convey your greetings.

  1. Put Hanging Baskets:

The railing or hanging baskets are made of steel, wood plastic and they are great choices for the small balconies. Just like vertical garden here too they flower pots are hanged but the only difference is they are not on a vertical holder but at different places in your little balcony. You can either hang these hanging baskets off the balcony railings of fro the ceiling of the balcony. This way, your balcony will also look too pretty from outside.

  1. Small Wall Planters:

Here instead of the potholder, the wall is itself used to hang the containers. This is another way of increasing the gardening area in your balcony. You will have to hammer nails on the walls of the balcony and hang planters or pot on the wall. Here you can grow small plants like aloe Vera, jade, cactus, etc. Thus add cheerful ambiance and wall art to the balcony through small wall planters.

  1. Add Colors: Flowering Plants

If you already have a little garden to your balcony you can add color to it with the help of flowering plants like Roses, Pansies, Orchids, and Petunia. These flowers are colorful and beautiful and will transform your balcony into a lush green garden. This will make your balcony smell pleasant and flowering plants are ideal for the balcony. You can also grow these plants in flower boxes in your balcony and give a makeover to your balcony.

  1. Put Low Maintenance & Little Watering Plants: 

If you stay very busy and hardly have any time to take care of the plants in your balcony you can use low maintenance plants so that you do not have to take much care of the plants. There are plants that require very little watering so you can also use that type of plant.

A mix of Succulents is perfect for decoration for low maintenance and they can create a classy setting for your balcony. Make plant delivery Spain to your friends and relatives there and convey your wishes for special occasions and festivals through this thoughtful gift.

We hope these super cool ideas will help you create a small but beautiful garden in your balcony.



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