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Shock Your Problems Away With Cheap Stun Guns

If you live alone or travel often you know the hesitation of moving around without a safety net. Everyone feels the need to protect themselves in sight of danger. With crime rates increasing and more people becoming cautious, self defense is a natural instinct. But everyone doesn’t have the strength or the training to handle and use technical weapons like guns. There needs to be a simpler way of protecting yourself, and there is, getting a Stun Guns.

What Do Stun Guns Do?

  • Stun guns are basically the quickest ways to destabilize someone who tries to harm you.
  • They are offensive weapons that electrocute anyone who comes in contact with them.
  • These weapons have pins at the edge that stick into a person’s skin and electrocute them.
  • They cause serious muscle spasms and render the offender stupefied and hurt.
  • Using a stun gun provides ample time to escape unharmed with limited contact.

Which Is Better Stun Gun Or Taser?

To answer this question, we first need to smooth out the difference between the two.

  • Even though both stun guns and Taser are basically electro-shock weapons, they have different mechanisms.
  • A stun gun has to be pressed against the person to be electrocuted so you need to close enough to someone to stun them.
  • Tasers are projectile weapons that shoot pins out of their edge that stick into the attacker and shock them. These can be used from a distance without any contact at all.
  • In cases of threatening attacks or robberies involving guns, tasers are a better shot at neutralizing criminals.
  • In case of close contact assault or harassment, a stun gun will be effective and efficient in tackling the attacker.
  • There are varieties of both contact and projectile stun guns called Tasers. It is derived from the name of the company that is most famous for manufacturing electroshock weapons.

Are Stun Guns Illegal In The U.S?

There are some weapons that are clearly marked as illegal, especially for the possession of a civilian. But stun guns have been proven quite efficient and useful for self defense. That is why, save for Hawaii and Massachusetts, stun guns are legal all over the United States.  The legal age limit for stun guns is 18 in the U.S, and people should practice using them to avoid getting hurt.

What Is The Best Stun Gun?

There are pros and cons to all stun guns and their various mechanisms. The best way to judge a good stun gun is to see how well you can carry and conceal it. The other way is to test out its power to see if it is effective. Refrain from using recreationally and don’t test it out on other people who are not criminals. But if you’ve not used or bought a stun gun before, here are some ace stun guns that will suit an amateur:

  • Tactical Elite Force Metal Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Flashlight – Pink

    This little life-saver is the ideal self defense weapon to keep in your house and in your car. It’s built like an ordinary flashlight but it has a proper stun gun mechanism. It also has a safety button at the bottom that can disable stun gun properties so it’s safe to use as a torch. This strong aluminium body, the rechargeable torch is the best stun gun flashlight money can buy.

  • Mini Jogger Carbon Fiber Print Sting Ring Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun

    We know that one of the most vulnerable people who need protection is women. Women quite often have to face harassment and assault in the streets. This jogger ring is a stealth stun gun that’s perfect for anyone who is outdoorsy and wants to be on their guard.

  • Mini Stunner Purple Keychain Stun Gun

    Now, this stun gun is practically useful for everyone. You can use this keychain for your house keys or car and the stun gun will be on your person constantly.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Self Defense Stun Gun?

With their increased use, stun guns have become quite popular everywhere. You can find tons of stun guns for sale at your local stores, but the best collection is online.  Retailers online happen to have the cleverest designs of wholesale stun guns. This means that you can find discreet, long-lasting stun guns at wholesale rates from these online retailers. The lower the price, the more people will be able to afford cheap ways to protect themselves. For as low as $6; you can buy stun guns to keep yourself and your family safe with minimum technicality.


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