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Send Birthday Gifts Online: Best Personalised Gift Ideas

The COVID scenario has essentially left almost all our birthdays confined to our homes. That means you cannot personally gift your best buds anything on their birthday, which would be rather drab and lonely. Sending the best birthday gifts online couldn’t be overemphasised at this point. I’ve personally experienced the difficulty of identifying the right birthday gifts. It’s only hilarious how ten of us cannot figure out a single choice of gift. Pre customised birthday gifts are my go-to idea which, surprisingly, never fails to work. We sent one of our friends a pre customised birthday gift ordered to her home online and she was beyond happy; so take me for my word here. Here are a few gift ideas which might work for you.

Customised Steel Tumblers:Stainless steel tumblers would be easy to clean, store and maintain. Adding the customisation to it makes it an all-rounder gift idea. This could be ordered pre customised as personalised birthday gifts on websites of the sorts or Onebttl, which enables users to purchase gifts online in the USA. The prices on the website seem reasonable as well. Customised steel tumblers can boast of durability, utility and ease of handling, while also serving special days and important occasions.

Customised Wine Glasses/ Whiskey Glasses: Good Wine and Whiskey deserves your respect; the glasses and their design contribute to the drinking experience significantly. We need not be surprised why classic whiskey glasses and wine glasses are in demand. Whiskey glasses are specifically designed for experiencing the aroma as you sip the drink in. Enjoying whiskey has more to it than meets the eye; the appropriate format would make the vapours of the beverage escape freely, enabling the olfactory senses to complement the tasting of flavour, essentially making it possible to savour its taste in the best way possible.

Customised Cups: If the occasion is rather formal and you need to stay on the safer side, while keeping the same class, customised cups would be the go-to idea. Your boss might not prefer to receive or might not be able to honestly appreciate a whiskey glass, no matter how classic it might be, in a relatively former set-up. Hence, customised cups, which I had noticed time and again among the gifts my dad receives from his office adds to my assumption that, if you want your gift to be sure to impress while not derailing from the etiquette, customised cups would be the go-to option. Pre customised cups might make the gift sound less mainstream.

Customised Water Bottles: The one who receives your gift might as well be a kid or a mother who is looking forward to the first day of her young ones’ school. Customised water bottles could prove to be a sensitive gift, no matter how mainstream or childish it may sound. People value your respect for their daily utilities and common emotions. Customised water bottles could, hence, prove to be yet another iconic gift idea which might as well impress.

Customised Photo Frames; I had personally tried photo frames as a gift. The pandemic has ripped us apart from our friends’ circles and a photo frame would mean a lot more than it ever did at this point. Customised photo frames facilitate a real and tangible reminiscent of the good times we cherish, thanks to its accessibility. From personal experience, I feel that the same is affordable as well, making it an ideal birthday gift under the current scenario.

Bottom Line: The bottom line would be to observe and identify which among the ideas you might’ve garnered would fit the occasion and the person. For instance, I had gifted a photo frame to my friend who does and values photography since she wants to capture them to show people how it felt to be inside her head, as accurately as possible, as the event which evokes the memory took place.


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