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8 Rejoicing Road Trips from Chennai

8 Rejoicing Road Trips from Chennai

Living in a vast and busy city turns out to be stressful. Chennai is one of such cities densely populated with working youth who strive to find a weekend escape breaking the monotony of their work life. Though Chennai lacks these options greatly but has a dearth of destinations for fun road trips in its vicinity.

If you are a Chennaite and seek a recluse from the chaotic city life, here’s your cure! Read on about the most rejoicing road trips from Chennai.


This is the place where you will find half of the city’s population spending their weekends. Now, that’s very obvious as Pondicherry is located at a drivable distance of 150 kilometers from the city. Its pristine beaches, clean streets, fine dining restaurants, cafes and the heritage structure from the French Colonial makes it a worthy drive to the beach town. The drives from Chennai to Pondicherry itself will revive your soul as you soak in the beauty of nature around.

Road Trips from Chennai

Karaikal, Tranquebar and Nagapattinam

Believed to be the highway to hidden treasures, the East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu has some of the best options for road trips around Chennai. Boasting on top of the list are the three mesmerizing destinations – Tranquebar, Karaikal and Nagapattinam. Situated at a distance of 300 kilometers from the city, these destinations offer everything that you seek for a relaxing weekend – secluded beaches, unique touch of culture and succulent food. On one hand, Karaikal is known for its rich French Heritage whereas on the other Tranquebar is the last existing Danish settlement in the country. When in Nagapattinam, you will experience the best of Tamil culture and food.


Settled only 135 kilometers away from Chennai, Tirupati is the holy town in the vicinity visited by pilgrims from all parts of India. The temple is located atop the mountain and exhibits the vimana – part on top of the temple tower made of gold. The town of Tirupati is not just famous for the temple but the unparalleled natural beauty and abundant flora and fauna. The route from Chennai to Tirupati is amazing – you can’t resist from falling in love with the place.


Yelagiri, 230 kilometers from Chennai, is the closest hill station perfect for a happening road trip on a weekend. The place is best known for its steep climbs, winding roads and scenic beauty, making it one of the best road trip destinations from Chennai. Want to have an adventure trip in Chennai? Yelagiri hills offers you to set yourself free paragliding in the open blue sky or go on a hiking trail on the majestic hills. The Punganoor artificial lake is the significant landmark for tourists to spend quality time in the lake-cum-park.


Keeping in mind, the hot climate of Chennai, it is not quite surprising that the most traveled road trips from Chennai are to hill stations. Yercaud, situated 360 kilometers from the city, is among the famous weekend destinations with soothing weather throughout the year. The hill station features some of the most picturesque views such as the Shevaroy Hils and Kiliyur Waterfalls.


Vellore, a well-connected spot for road trips from Chennai, is a popular historical town. Located on the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway, the best road to drive in Chennai, Vellore features one of the largest forts in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Vellore Fort. The town of Vellore boasts some of the widest moats and highest ramparts that attracts tourist from all round the world, especially the working troop of Chennai. Not just the fort and historical structures, but the cuisine, especially the Ambur Biryani makes it a famous destination for road trips from Chennai.


Although it takes around 8 hours to cover the 525 kilometers distance from Chennai to Kodaikanal, but it is still one of the favorite road trip destinations for Chennaites. As per records, no other route across the state is as picturesque as the one connecting Kodaikanal to Chennai. Plan to explore the spectacular hill station on an extended weekend road trip. Do not miss the Pillar Rocks viewpoint, Silver Cascade waterfalls and Berijam Lakes.


Last on the list is Nellore, located 175 kilometers from the city, this is a place known for its waterfalls, temples, beaches, bird sanctuaries, etc. It only takes 3 hours to reach Nellore and then you have all the weekend to explore the religious temples like Ranganatha Temple, chill at the beaches in the evening and dine in the fine restaurants like Silver Inn on the National Highway. It can be a day, a weekend or the whole week; Nellore will keep you mesmerized as long as you wish to stay.

There are lot of road trips around the city which makes you thrilling. Our guide has listed some of great road trips in Chennai which you shouldn’t miss. Make a plan and book flights to Chennai and experience these places.


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