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How to remove tough stains on a Curtain?

Here is how you can get those Stubborn Stains off your Curtains

Curtains are probably, the toughest and the trickiest household essentials to clean. While they lend an improved aesthetics to the interiors, they often have to bear the brunt of irresponsible throwaways and behavioral issues. However, before we strategize the cleaning procedure or even think about hiring services related to curtain dry cleaning in Dubai, you need to understand the nature of the involved fabric.

Curtain Cleaning based of the Fabric

Different types of curtains have different cleaning strategies which we need to follow. Here are some of the mentioned names and the aligned cleaning principles:

  1. Sheer Fabric— In case you are dealing with wool, linen, and silk, the best cleaning options include professional services. If sheer or rather lace curtains are in picture, you shouldn’t experiment sans professional intervention.
  2. Velvet— Needless to say, velvets are extremely delicate but can be washed independently using machines. However, thicker variants require the skills of the best curtain cleaning jumeirah
  3. Garment Fabrics— Cleaning these garments at home is possible as they are sturdy enough. However, in order to remove stubborn stains, machine wash at the cold setting, is preferred.
  4. Acrylics— These curtains look great but stains can really mar the overall aesthetics. Moreover, professional curtain cleaning services are a must in case beads or acrylic curtains are considered.


Types of Stains and the Remedial Strategies

Now that we have discussed a fair bit regarding the type of curtains and the cleaning strategies that follow, it is time to understand the nature of the stains and follow procedures accordingly. Some of the best curtain cleaning services in Dubai renders services purely on the basis of the nature of stains.

In case of adhesive residues, professionals rub the surfaces together for twenty to thirty minutes in presence of ice. This, eventually, loosens the glue which can then be scrapped off. Coming to blood stains, removal is easy if they are blotted continuously in cold water. Additional resources, as used by professional services, include glycerin or even basic carpet cleaners.

Beer stains are common on curtains and they are completely removable in nature. The best strategy, however, is to sponge out the liquid and treat the issue with water and a bit of vinegar. There are chances of chocolate stains which respond well to scrapping and detergent. Moreover, vomit can be cleaned off using water and laundry borax.

Preparing for urine stains is necessary if you have pets. In that case, professionals opt for a concoction of dishwashing fluid, eucalyptus oil, and vinegar. Moreover, if you are dealing with the obstinate oil stains, professional help is all you need. The companies make it a point to soak the curtains and pre-treat each one of them before applying sponges of hot water and dishwashing liquid. The trick here is the usage of hot or rather warm water to increase the efficacy of detergents.

Last but not least, Nicotine stains are quite common and getting rid of them is easy. Restoring the original drape color is possible if professional help is opted for. The companies usually have devices to soak the drapes in a hot concoction. However, if you are looking for a home-based solution, baking soda, borax, salt, and hot water can do the trick.

The Best Stain Removal Approach

Not to mention, the best stain removal approach is to be quick to address the issue in hand. Individuals who immediately connect with services related to curtain dry cleaning Dubai are in the best state to get the original curtain color restored. However, the mentioned techniques can also be followed at home, in case you do not have access to the dry cleaners.


The entire dry cleaning industry is extremely competitive and to get professionals address the curtains is a task in itself. However, you need to look for online reviews and credibility before zeroing in on the best curtain cleaning services in Dubai or the Middle East. The trick to cleaner curtains is vigilance and quickest possible course of action, if and when, there are spills or collateral damages.


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