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5 Android Apps Which Can Make Amazing Tweaks on Your Phone

5 Android Apps Which Can Make Amazing Tweaks on Your Phone

There are many apps in the Android store but out of them there are few which may really work wonders. In this post, we have handpicked the best android cleaner app that may not only boost your phone’s speed but also can extend its life for a longer period.

Phone cleaner apps are essential apps that must be in your smartphone. It cleans your phone and removes the cache or temp files that are making your phone slow or lagging. Apart from that, some phone cleaner apps include various options that safeguards your phone from external malware threats and also offer features such as battery booster, file manager, RAM booster etc.

So, let’s take a quick glance at the best android phone cleaner apps which you should have in your phone.

5 Apps To Improve Your Android Phone’s Performance

1.   Advanced Phone Cleaner

The first in the list is Advanced Phone Cleaner. It is one of the best android phone cleaner apps available in the Play Store to optimize your smartphones. The app is a one tap and one stop solution for deep cleaning and managing your phone data. Various features like RAM booster, Battery Booster, Cache Cleaner etc. offer deep cleaning solutions whereas the features App Manager, File Manager, and Notification Manager allows you to manage your media files, docs and notifications in the phone effectively.

Notable Features of the app:

  • Clean Phone cache, app cache and temp files using Cache Cleaner.
  • Boost Speed of phone and extend battery life for longer duration.
  • Protect your phone from Malwares using Anti-malware features.
  • Social Cleaner to remove social media files and junk.
  • Remove the blur and duplicate media photos using Duplicate Phone Cleaner.
  • CPU Cooler helps to maintain adequate temperature of phone processors.
  • Game Booster: enhance your game experience and make your game run more smooth and fast.
  • Real time protection for your smartphone. Enable it to safeguard your android device.

2.   CCleaner

From the makers of PC and Mac cleaning software, this CCleaner offers various ways to optimize your phone and clean your android device. This phone cleaner app can be used to streamline your android phone or tablet and also uninstall the unwanted mobile applications from your phone. The cleaner app is a great fix to android users who want to improve their phone speed instantly.

Notable Features of the app:

  • Check the CPU Usage using android cleaner app cleaning feature.
  • Track your RAM storage and space available in your smartphone.
  • Intuitive and easy interface to navigate.
  • RAM booster to stop the background running tasks.
  • Boost battery by preventing draining apps.
  • Check battery levels and temperature.

3.   DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

This all-in-one android cleaner app can instantly boost your phone performance and make it work faster and smoother. It optimizes the background apps and also clears the junk files, cache and all the temp files with the help of the Trash Cleaner option. Besides this, the cleaner app offers various notable features that may help you in enhancing your device life and performance.  Take a look at these few features.

Notable Features of the app:

  • Guard your phone using the AppLock option.
  • Junk File Cleaner to clean your phone and free up space.
  • Battery Saver that shows real time charging status and accurately shares the remaining battery.
  • Memory booster to boost phone’s memory.
  • Game Enhancer Module to close the running background processes and instantly optimize game speed.
  • Optimize power consumption using different power optimization tools.

4.   1 Tap Cleaner

As the name suggests, the app allows deep cleaning of your android device in one tap. Like the other apps, this android phone cleaner app can reclaim phone space by clearing the clutter of temporary files, junk files, empty folders and cache files. In this phone cleaner app, you get 5 android cleaners that eliminates the need of rooting your smartphone.

Notable Features of the app:

  • Clean your junk and cache files using Cache Cleaner.
  • History Cleaner to clear the search and navigation history records.
  • Call/text log cleaner to remove the log files of your contact and texts.
  • Default Cleaner: Clear the default settings of the apps if you have selected any to launch the apps.
  • SD Cleaner can help to delete junk files and empty folders from the SD card.
  • View application on market and uninstall the ones you don’t need
  • Auto clear Cache options when the device runs low of internal storage space.
  • Widget to show phone cache and available space left in android devices.

5.   Android Assistant

Last but not the least, Android Assistance is one of the most powerful and best android phone cleaners apps, you may try. The cleaner app saves battery and can easily boost your phone with its 18 comprehensive management tools. Besides cache cleaning, the app offers process manager, file manager, batch uninstall, monitor status, Battery setting to save battery charge and many more.

Notable Features of the app:

  • System Clean to clear browser history, market history, gmail history, Google Earth and Map history.
  • App 2 SD to reclaim more internal storage space.
  • App backup to backup your apk files and data so that you may restore it later.
  • Batch Uninstall and Batch Installation to uninstall and install multiple apps quickly.
  • Save Battery Settings that optimizes bluetooth, gps, orientation, wifi, haptic feedback, screen brightness, auto-sync and time-out.
  • Volume control, Ringer, Startup manager, Quick Booster Widgets, System Info, Startup Silent, Battery Use are the other features.

Install Advanced Phone Cleaner to Optimize Your Smartphone

If you want an all round solution for your smartphone without wasting money and time, then switch to the best android cleaners apps we have handpicked for you. Tap to install the android cleaner app and tweak your phone now. A better and improved android device performance is awaiting for you! Grab the chance!


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