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Top 6 ways of using big data for people analytics and talent acquisition

Top 6 ways of using big data for people analytics and talent acquisition

Big data refers to the data that is very large, complex and fast. This data is so large and complex that it is not possible to process it with traditional methods. Since the early 2000s, big data has gained significant importance in the world of business. Big data has helped many big and small companies to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Big data is used in various parts and departments of business like HR, talent acquisition, financial planning, customer analysis, resource planning, etc. we will look at the role of Big data in people analytics and talent acquisition.

talent acquisition

People analytics is basically usings tools and analytics to manage your workforce. It is basically a data-driven method used to make decisions regarding your employees.  Whereas talent acquisition is the process of identifying and hiring new talents and skilled workers to meet your growth needs.

Big data plays a very important role in these two HR processes by providing data that is very helpful in decision making. We will look at the usage and benefits of big data for the two, which are as follows:

1.Record and store work performance

It helps you to record and store the performance of each and every employee on a daily basis. This data helps in assessing the employee’s performance at regular intervals. This helps the company to understand what are the drawbacks in the performance and what measure needs to be taken to overcome that. The record of this data also helps the management in taking decisions regarding workplace policies, rules and regulations, hiring policies, etc.

2.Monitor work behavior and trend

Just like checking and recording the performance, monitoring the behavioral trend is equally important. Big data helps to record the employee’s behavior like adherence to time table, dress code, rules and regulations, etc,. This data enables you to understand how a particular behavioral trend of the employee is affecting their productivity. And also if the employees know that they are being continuously monitored, they will adhere to all the rules and regulations.

3.Record engagement and effectiveness of employees

Employee engagement results in more involvement and effective performance. It is very important to understand what is needed for employee engagement. Big data helps to study and analyze employee engagement which helps to understand what steps need to be taken to improve employee engagement.

4.Automation of HR processes

Talent acquisition is a multilayered process. It looks like a single process of hiring new people, but in reality, it involves a lot of different tasks and processes at different levels. The traditional talent acquisition process is a very complex and lengthy process. Big data long with Ai helps the organizations to automate this process.

In data-driven organizations, HR teams work with AI to perform day to day tasks. Big data along with AI helps you with a lot of things. For instance, you can synchronize the applications and track them. You can also filter the candidates as per the nature of the job.,  Big data simplifies the process involved in selecting candidates. It can help you make future decisions on the basis of past employee data.

5.Better hiring decisions

Selecting the right talent is very crucial for any organization. For making the right decision it is very important for you to have the correct and complete information regarding the requirement and the candidates.

Using big data can turn out highly beneficial for your company. This technology can help you can find out the skill gaps. It can also help you analyze market trends along with the company’s financial budget. This data and information will help you to decide how much you need to spend, what type of talent and skills are required, how many people are required, etc.

6.Better candidate insights

The most challenging part of a human resource executive is to hunt for the right people. They also need to ensure that all the candidates have the right talent, caliber, and skillset so that they can efficiently perform the tasks. And for this, it is very important for the hiring professionals to get insights about the candidates that are not mentioned in the CV.

With the help of big data, you can get very important insights into the candidates which it finds out by analyzing and collecting data from the various social media. Many online talent hunt websites use data from social media to understand the candidate in a better way from the details on their social media.

Big data has a lot of benefits not only for HR but for the entire organization. It not only helps to automate the process, but also helps to save a lot of time, money and other resources. Big data has opened new dimensions for talent acquisition and people analytics.


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