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How to see the mobile screen on the computer

How to see the mobile screen on the computer

We tell you different options so that you can see the screen of your mobile on the computer.

Currently our mobile phone is almost a part of our body, since we have apps in it that make life easier. However, for reasons of practicality and size, many times we would like to see the screen of our mobile on a computer. Next, we tell you how you can do it.


Generally, mobiles have a connection for USB, MicroUSB and HDMI cables. If you have the third, you are lucky, because you only need to connect the cable to a micro HDMI, and so you can duplicate the screen. In addition, the iPhone can be fitted with an HDMI adapter so that you can have the mobile screen available on any type of monitor.

If you want to see the mobile screen on the computer from a computer with a Micro USB connection, you should investigate whether your monitor has this type of input. If not, there are adapters that connect your MicroUSB with HDMI inputs and there are also those from traditional USB to HDMI.


Applications are one of the most common options because, in addition to replicating the screen, they include options that allow you to control your mobile from your computer. One of the best known apps for this feature is Vysor. App that you must download directly from your computer and complete the configuration options on your mobile.

One of the main advantages of Vysor is that even the lock and unlock functions can be commanded from a PC. That is, it is really useful for people who have a damaged mobile screen or have problems with the touch functions of their smartphones. Another similar application is digital screen advertising, which offers functions similar to screen advertising.


Technology has advanced enough that projectors aren’t just for movie theaters. A telephone screen projector allows you to reproduce what is happening on a computer screen. It is a useful tool, simple to use, and reproduces the screen with excellent resolution.

Wireless Networks

The AllCast application is also useful, however, due to security measures, although it allows you to see the mobile screen on your computer, it will not let you control the equipment. That means that you will be able to see the notifications and every movement that is made in your device but you will not be able to block it, to unblock it, to respond to messages, etc. This application requires a double installation and works only for Android.

You must first install it on your personal computer and then on your mobile device. Furthermore, the application can only be deactivated by pressing the “Stop” command.

For AllCast to work with a wireless network, you must also install the Screen Recording and Mirror application; once you have both, you simply have to choose a network to connect and create a link between the phone and the computer.

Using the mobile from the computer is a powerful tool, since you can enjoy the books, movies and series that you have downloaded in mobile format with a better resolution and larger size. You can also integrate the phone functions on the screen while you are, for example, working. We also tell you how you can duplicate the screen of your mobile on television.


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