Home Gadgets Microwave is not just for heating and making food

Microwave is not just for heating and making food

Microwave is not just for heating and making food

Microwave is not just for heating and making food, although I love making pizza in my IFB convection microwave oven. But if you are only using a microwave oven for these purposes, then you are not utilizing its full potential (And by full potential do not mean that it can fly). This MICRO-wave can do some of your MACRO work and save your time.

So just for you guys, I have made this spectacular list of 10 surprising things that probably you didn’t know your microwave oven could do.

1.De-crystallize honey


Here is the first astonishing work that your microwave can do. Sometimes, the honey which we brought from marker gets solidifies inside that jar. Then you can bring it back from life with your microwave. You just have to remove the jar cap and place it inside microwave only for 45 seconds to 1 minute. It will be as same as new.

2.Peel Tomato


Squashing a tomato is so satisfying, but have you tried peeling its thin skin? So frustrating, I know especially when you are trying to make a cup of tomato soup. Your microwave can save your life here. You just have to cut it in half and place it in your microwave oven for 5 minutes. And then just see the magic of your microwave.

3.Tears and Onion

No need to cry, I am here. Jokes apart, trust me almost everyone has faced this problem once in his or her life. What you have to do is just chop the tip of onions and place it inside microwave for only about 30 seconds. You will never face onion tears in life.

4. Liquefying Hair Oil

Winters are so harsh for hair oils like coconut hair oil. They gets freeze by winter and it becomes so difficult to even remove it. Microwave can help you there, just place it in oven and microwave it for just 20 seconds. It will take oil back to its liquid form and you can use it just like before.

  5. Disinfecting Sponge

Sponges are the best place where we can find bacteria. That’s why some throw the sponge away after using it for 2 to 3 times. Microwave can save your sponge and then your money. Put your infected sponge in a microwave safe container filled with water and some drops of vinegar. Place it for 1 minute at high power in oven.  Your sponge is ready to use again.

6. Lemon juice Extraction

Not only lemons you can extract full strength of juice of almost every citrus fruit. First of all, it is so satisfying to extracting every last drop of citrus. You can do this by placing lemon in microwave only for 10 to 12 seconds. The lemon outer shell will become soft and so you can easily remove juice from it.

7. Removal of Postage Stamps

Do you have a habit of collecting postage stamps? So microwave can help you there, strange but true. Just sprinkle couple of drops of water on stamp which is sticked to envelop and microwave it only for 20 seconds at low power. After that you can easily peel it off from that envelop. Your stamp and envelop is saved.

8. Steaming Vegetables

Other than steamer basket you can also steam vegetables in microwave oven. This is one of the best hacks in this list. You just have to place vegetables in a bowl of water, cover it with a microwave plate. Then see the magic of microwave oven.

9. Peeling Garlic

One of the hardest works in kitchen is peeling garlic. They are so small and those sticky thin layers are so frustrating. The thing is I hate doing this, yes! There you have it. So how I do it and you can too is with the help of microwave oven. Place a full bundle of garlic for more than 20 second. Then peeling garlic skin will be as easy as cutting a cake with sharp knife.

10. Roasting Nuts

This is the last hack which is very much useful for those who are in love with roasted nuts. Well microwave can roast them evenly with a mesmerizing roasted fragrance. You just have to place it in a place line wise in one layer, keep testing it in an interval of one minute and keep on doing it in until you get perfect taste. This might take a bit more time but it is worth waiting.

So here the list gets end.

Thanks me later, and tell me in the comment section which hack you like the most and which you have used before.




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