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Analysing Countries as Lucrative Investment Options for You

Analysing Countries as Lucrative Investment Options for You

The contemporary era has brought along a need for investing that cannot be taken lightly. The trend of investment has picked up its pace in the last decade more than it did in the last century.

  • A reason for the same can be considered as the increased levels of income of the world population.
  • People’s awareness about the world of investment can be quoted as another factor.
  • Lastly, the fact that people want to earn more income for a more lavish lifestyle is enough motivation to start hunting for investment opportunities in the UK, Ireland, or the rest of the world.

All of these have led to the emergence of far more investment options than there ever were. This trend has led to investments becoming a global game. Investment categories to choosing which companies are the most suitable for you,.

People sitting in Ireland can choose to invest in third world countries and gain a fortune as a result.

To help you do the same, here is a list of four most lucrative nations that can make your investment double in size within a few years.


Singapore may be a small country in South Asia, with an area of just 697 square kilometres; it is still one of the world’s wealthiest countries. It has a per capita income of over $100,000 as of 2019.

The country is famous for its stringent laws. I believe that this is what makes it the number one country for investment. The strict regime automatically reduces the chances of fraud against the investor.

The best sectors to invest in the South Asian nation are;

  • Health care; Singapore’s health services come under the top 10 in the world. Due to its increased affordability, the Singaporean government has enticed the investors with numerous incentives.
  • The next one is tourism, especially hotels and casinos. The country is aiming to increase both their numbers and create thousands of jobs as a result.

Therefore, the government with open arms welcomes investors.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the most powerful nations in the world. It can exert a kind of dominance that is unfound in other countries.

  • With a GDP at $2.8 trillion in 2019, can you even imagine the profits you would have made with you English investments?
  • UK’s liberal and secure investments make it ideal for even the novice in this world.
  • The country’s capital London is a hub for foreign investors, with hundreds of multinational companies established and operational here.
  • The London Stock Exchange is one of the most renowned and profiting stock exchange in the world.
  • The UK is also one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Since we all know that technology is becoming the most sought after investment option, this country will help you capitalise the same.

All of these are the reasons; many investors believe that the best investments are found in the UK only.


India is considered one of the most advanced developing countries in the world. Its heightened GDP growth rate will tell you why.

India is a nation that is every investor’s dream because;

  • The country has even surpassed China to become the epicentre of most first-world manufacturing companies, from Apple to Armani, there are not many companies who have not ventured into India.
  • Its cheap and English speaking labour is the reason why companies trust this nation to be profitable for them. If the companies profit, the investors get their rewards cheque.
  • The countries democratic governance and liberal business laws that allow a 100% FDI in all sectors except seven, which includes the likes of defence and weapons, is also enticing enough.

A GDP of 2.7 trillion USD can also be considered as an additional motivation for the investors.


Thailand is yet another country from the Asian Continent that has landed on this list.

A country ruled by royalty, it still offers plenty to the investors to make it a top contender in the hunt for best investments.

The reasons are many;

  • The Thai government offers several tax exemptions and subsidies to investors and their businesses. Tax relief of as much as 8 years is also given to some countries.
  • Thailand is an eminent name in Tourism, being the world’s most visited place. Even the Hollywood Hangover was shot in this country. It highlights the fact that even Americans travel all around the globe to visit it.
  • Thailand is also the major contributor to automobile manufacturing. It exports as many cars as it keeps for sale in the country for companies like Toyota, Nissan and Ford.

The prospects of an elevation in Thai economy have made the country even more of a profitable investment than anything else.

Winding Up

These four nations were my pick as the most lucrative investment opportunities with the least constraints. Countries like China, UAE, Australia and Brazil are also great options that deserve to be looked into before making the investment decision.

However, if it were me making that decision, I would have invested in the tourism industry in Thailand. It will only grow, and the title of being the most visited tourist nation would have made my investment worthwhile.


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