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Most Important little things about hygiene

Most Important little things about hygiene

Children thrive in the house. If they get sick, the whole house becomes sad. Take care of their health to see them laughing and smiling. Especially protect the children from germs. Parents need to know a few basic things.

So that they can protect their children from diseases. Do not stop children from playing in the mud, going to the park, or cycling for fear of diseases, but tell them important principles of hygiene so that they can take care of their own health and Get full development.

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Healthy habits prevent children from getting sick and protect them from germ-borne diseases. In the present age, physicians consider it good for children to play in the mud and encourage them to play in the mud as there are many types of playing in the mud. Children’s immune systems are activated against germs.

Germs cannot be prevented from attacking children, but precautionary measures can be taken to protect children from germs.

There are a few things that can be done to protect children from germs that can spread disease.

Hand washing

Simply shaking hands with a person infected with the flu transmits 71% of the flu germs from one person to another. It is important to highlight.

Make it a habit to keep your hands clean at all times. As a mother, be sure to wash your hands after using the washroom each time before breastfeeding, cooking and feeding.

When to wash hands

After each use of the washroom.

After coughing, sneezing or clearing the nose.

After playing with pets.

After dusting or touching bushes.

Back from the park.

After playing with toys.

After pruning the plants.

When someone in the house is sick, wash your hands every time you sit next to him.

The right way to wash your hands

Wet hands first in running water. Foam hands with standard disinfectant soap.

Scrub the middle skin of the fingers. Clean the backs of the hands. Wash the hands with running water. Dry the hands with a clean towel.


Bathing once a day on normal days and twice a day in summer is beneficial for a healthy life. Choose standard shampoo and antiseptic soap for bathing. Get your child into the habit of bathing from the beginning so that he can continue to do so as he grows older.

Use clean towels and washed clothes after bathing. Babies who are not accustomed to bathing daily tend to develop dryness, lice and lice on their scalp, which are not only for the baby but also for other people living with him. It is also important to take special care of the child’s physical hygiene.

Oral hygiene

Young children usually do not have the habit of rinsing or brushing after eating.

This causes germs to invade the teeth and cause tooth decay. Make it a habit for children to brush their teeth twice a day. Also, rinse well after every meal and also train to gargle so that the teeth are clean and the mouth does not become a breeding ground for germs.

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Keep children’s toothbrushes separate and do not allow them to use other people’s toothbrushes, set meal times and in between if they feel hungry. Just drink water or eat some fruit.

Clean your mouth every time you eat.

Cutting nails

Germs make their way inside the enlarged nails and go into the stomachs of children with every meal and cause various diseases. Most adults and children have a habit of cutting their nails with their teeth. This habit should be got rid of as soon as possible as it can lead to stomach ailments.

Cutting nails with teeth can also damage teeth and weaken nails.

Children who put their nails in their mouths or are accustomed to sucking their thumbs and fingers should try to get rid of this habit. Regularly cutting the nails of the hands and feet can protect the child from getting many diseases.

Clean clothes

Change children’s clothing daily.

Encourage children to keep their clothes clean. Most children ask for a handkerchief after eating. This is a bad habit. Such children should be taught with love and should be taught to keep their body and clothes clean. Instead of throwing away your uniform after school, keep it in a special place; keep used shoes in the sun for a few hours to get rid of the odor.

Also, use washing socks every day. After coming to school, make it a habit to wash your hands and feet. Especially don’t forget to wash the area between the toes and the toes so that the feet are protected from germs. Remember that healthy habits are the guarantor of a healthy life. By adopting simple cleaning methods, the family can live a healthy and happy life.


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