Home Business Know the importance of customized counter cards by reading these 6 tips

Know the importance of customized counter cards by reading these 6 tips

Customers look around whenever they are waiting in a queue at the check-out counter. Many shop keepers use this opportunity to market their business with counter cards. Their unique style and presentations have quickly enhanced their importance for every brand owner. You can also impress your consumers with these beautifully designed, professionally cards. Let us share 6 easy tips to help you in this regard;


In this highly competitive world where attention spans are getting short and time is pretty precious, use printed counter cards to immediately engage your customers. You can print any short and attention-grabbing message to quickly capture their interest. You can design some curious or interrogative lines to create a sense of suspense at first that is followed by other details to deliver your complete message to them.

Give more contact information.

The world is getting more digitalized, and the use of various social media platforms is a new trend of a market. Nearly everyone is active on more than one social media platform at a time. You can use counter printed products to provide them more contact information. You can print some hashtags and teasers to promote your special offers or deals on social media pages. They will help you to guide your clients to visit your weblinks for generating their interest and driving online traffic to enhance your social presence.

Design them creatively.

Every counter, bar area, or any other tables have some leaflets or pamphlets placed on their top to facilitate their clients with different pieces of information. Make yourself unique from others by creatively designing cheap counter cards printing. You can alter their appearance by using different shapes, size of any graphical illustrations. To make things a bit ahead from your competitors, use die-cut designs to make them stand out from the rest. You can print a symbol or sign of your trademark, and by using a die-cut technique, you can make it look more creative and attractive.

Show flexibility.

The more durable any placed item is, the more it will be appreciated by the target market. Make a counter card more rigid and flexible that your customers can take it with them anywhere they want. Use high-quality compostable materials to make them light in weight and portable that enhance their usability. You can even attach some discount offers by using perforation techniques. You place them at your counters, and the customers can take them throughout any premises to facilitate themselves. This will help you to spread your brand awareness among other potential customers.

Variable font style to put a focus.

The font style is one of the most important aspects that will help to increase the visual appeal of a counter card. Many designers use different styles to put a focus on multiple printed details. When you are designing it, try using variable fonts to emphasize important details. For detailed information, you can use readable font styles such as Times New Roman or Arial, however, use other vintage or handwritten style to print the brand identity in terms of name and logo to show your professional skills.

Style as per the brand theme.

Many people like traditional styles for custom counter cards while they may appreciate the essence of modern cards. On the whole, these cards should both touch of glamour and sparkle in their presentations. By their designs and prints, you will be telling a lot about the brand or the company. The practical advice is to style them as per your brand theme to make them appear more high-end. Go for simplicity to work for its effectiveness. Do not over-design them with anything other than the necessary information only. A tip for efficient design is to keep things simple. Use subtle colors such as black and white that are pleasant on eyes and have high legibility as compared to others.

The best custom printed counter cards are those that can initiate a sense of brand conversation with any person. You should be aware that this will establish the first impression to set the standard for the rest of the branding materials. Search for the WOW effect by making them appear more exciting and creative that will add value to different marketing materials or printed tools. Follow 6 easy tips to make them more attractive and beneficial for your company.




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