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What you need to know about cat harnesses

What you need to know about cat harnesses

Before you buy a cat accessories, it is very important that you get to know all the most important aspects of this product. Below we have listed the most important aspects for you to help you with your purchase. In addition, we answer the most common questions from users.

Can a cat be trained to walk with a harness?

Your cat will probably find it strange the first time you put on a harness and will be confused and will want to get rid of the harness. But if it is an animal that likes to be outside and you live in a big city, the cat will have to get used to it. This way you can walk safely.

But if your cat really doesn’t want it, you can also teach it to him. Young kitties are much more receptive to this new experience, while older cats will be more reserved, although they can also be trained with some patience.

Don’t forget to go through the training process slowly and reward your cat at every step of the process.

Why does my cat need a cat harness?

If you don’t live in a village and you want to take your cat outside or if you need to take it to the vet, it is essential to use the cat harness. There are experts who recommend walking with cats that tend to run away so that they can discharge their adrenaline and their desire to discover new worlds, but safely.

For many cats who spend many hours a day at home, outings are a welcome change. In addition, if your animal does not have the freedom to go out and gain new experiences, your cat can develop unpleasant behavior by sitting indoors all the time. Walking is also an aid in the fight against obesity.

Sometimes you have to take your cat to the vet for vaccinations or research, or you have to take him from your house to your car for a trip. And then for safety reasons it is better to go out with a cat harness. If your cat escapes, it can get lost or end up on the street, which is of course an unnecessary risk.

What should I do if my cat does not want to wear the cat harness?

It is normal for this to happen. Cats are creatures of habit and it takes time to get used to new things. It is recommended not to force it if the cat does not want to put on the harness or is not comfortable with it. Place the harness near your cat’s favorite places, such as the food bowl or where he sleeps, so that he slowly becomes familiar with it.

cat harnesses

The first few times you put your harness on your cat, you can simultaneously give the animal something tasty that your cat loves, or you can pet it. For example, your cat will associate this element with positive sensations. You can repeat this process for several days until you see your cat slowly getting used to the harness.

Should I go for a walk with my cat the first time?

Unless you have a very accommodating cat, which is uncommon, it is best not to go too fast even after getting it in the harness without any problems. Let the harness sit loosely without fastening the buckles and let the cat walk around the house with it so that it can slowly adapt to the new situation.

cat harnesses

Let the harness sit for a few minutes before your cat gets fed up and loses interest in the reward. Repeat the workout for a while every day. If you notice that your cat is starting to feel calm when he is wearing his harness, you can gradually increase the time he wears it.

If you see your cat feeling comfortable with the harness at home, tighten it and put on the leash, but still wait a few days before heading out with him. In the meantime, just continue with the tasty snacks and stroking. And always stop before the cat gets fed up or you will have to start all over again. Don’t lose sight of your cat while wearing the harness.

How do I know when my cat is ready to go out in its harness?

You know your cat better than anyone and you usually know when it feels comfortable. If that’s the case, you can take it outside. At this moment the next training starts: your cat must like to get all new impressions in the outside world. Your cat will probably also have to get used to this in the beginning.

In the beginning it is better to walk in a quiet place. First, just sit in a secluded spot with your cat and let the animal explore the area while holding the leash. Make your cat feel at ease, give him treats and strokes just like at home. And give him time to feel comfortable with his first contact with the outside world.

Mark Twain Writer

“Of all the creatures of God, there is only one that cannot be subdued. That’s the cat. If humans were crossed with the cat, it would be an improvement for humans, but a deterioration for the cat. ”

What else can I do if my cat is used to his harness?

Remember that cats are animals that have established habits. So if your animal likes walking and likes to explore the world, always go at a certain time so that the animal doesn’t push all day to go outside. Also, do not put your harness on the harness when it insists because it thinks it can decide when to go out. Then wait a while.

Even if your cat has gotten used to walking with you, never do it without the harness, as your cat may suddenly startle and run away or chase an animal, which is its natural instinct. So always put on the harness before you leave the house and fasten it before going out. And, if you have to go to a store, don’t leave your cat outside alone.

Why is it good to take my overweight cat for a walk?

Many vets believe that one of the solutions to addressing your cat’s obesity is to buy a harness, get the animal used to it, and take her for a walk every day. City animals often lead very sedentary lives. And obesity can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes or liver disease.

Overweight cats may also be at risk for arthritis due to the stress on their joints. Keeping cats at their ideal weight reduces the chances of developing these chronic diseases. And a good tool for this is a harness for safe walking.

What are the benefits of walking my cat in a harness?

Not only being overweight is a problem for cats who are always at home. If these pets never come out for a walk, they can develop aggressive behavior or depression. They may also have a loss of appetite because they are bored and not stimulated.

If your cat is always in the house and never walks outside, it can also lead to annoying habits, such as scratching your furniture to release its pent-up energy. And in that case, experts recommend buying a harness and taking your cat for a walk.

What vaccinations must my cat have before he can walk with the harness?

Following a good vaccination program will protect your cat from disease. Vaccinations are also important if your cat is indoors alone. And they are essential if you want to put your cat on a harness to take it outside. If you have a young kitten, you should start the vaccination process from two months.

Veterinarians advise vaccinating against cat’s disease and cat flu for all cats. It is therefore recommended that your cat has received these two vaccines before you walk them on the harness. The first must be repeated after several weeks.

Why does my cat need a reflective cat harness?

It is also possible to buy a cat harness that is reflective. That is of course very useful for an evening walk. This way, your cat, regardless of size or color, remains visible to you and the other people on the street.

With a reflective harness, another pedestrian crossing the road will not collide with your cat for not seeing it. And if you accidentally release the leash and your cat escapes, you can easily find it thanks to the harness. These types of harnesses can be found in a large number of colors.

What is the difference between a harness and a harness for my cat?

There are two types of cat harness: The first looks a bit like a horse harness, which has two circular straps and is attached to the cat’s body. The second, and best-selling, species (like the 5 best cat harnesses in our Ranking) are also referred to as harness because they cover a larger area of ​​the body.

The simple harness with the two straps gives your cat more freedom of movement. The harness covers a larger part of the cat’s body, so you have more control over the animal while walking. During the winter months, these types of harnesses protect your cat from the cold.

What should you pay attention to with your purchase?

With the basics in mind, the next step in buying a cat harness is to take into account certain purchase criteria. In order to find the cat harness that best suits you and your cat, it is essential to consider certain aspects. Below are the main factors that will help you choose the cat harness you need:

  • Types of harnesses
  • Closures
  • Materials
  • Size
  • Lines

Types of harnesses

The shape of the harness can cover a larger or smaller part of the cat’s body, be easy or difficult to attach and more or less comfortable. The following table shows the main types of cat harnesses on the market, depending on the shape, its advantages and disadvantages:

Form Description Benefits Cons
Harness with straps   At the bottom there are two circular straps. One for the chest and the other for the belly of the animal.

These two circular straps are connected to each other.

These are usually the cheapest.

Light weight.

Cool in the summer.

The cat can escape more easily than with the other models.

You have less control over the cat.

Harness with vest This is a kind of jacket that covers the animal’s body, of course without sleeves. It is almost impossible to escape from this.

In winter it gives your cat protection from the cold.

There is a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.

If it is not made of a breathable material it can be warm in summer.

The cat may feel uncomfortable because it covers almost its entire body.

Harness with a wide band This is sort of a combination of the previous two. Covers the body more than the simple harness with straps, and the models are more worked, but they do not cover the entire back and chest of the animal like the vest. It is difficult to escape from this.

Partly protects against the cold in winter and less warm in summer.

It can be less traumatic as a vest for your cat, and more comfortable than a simple harness with straps.

You can have enough control over your cat with it, for example if you want to change direction.

It does not provide the same safety as the vest. With the latter, there is less chance of escape.

It can be quite warm in summer.



When choosing a closure for our cat’s harness, there are two important things to keep in mind: how much time we need to close it properly (the longer it takes, the more desperate the animal can get) and how difficult it is for the cat to escape. For example, the following closures can be found:

  • Buckle : It is not easy to open unless the harness is loose. It offers different sizes and they can be made bigger by making more holes. As a disadvantage, it takes a long time to place the mandrel, because you have to find the exact hole where the mandrel should be placed.
  • Velcro or Velcro: Quick to close, as long as you put the harness over the cat with part of the Velcro already placed in the groove. If not, it can take a while to close. It usually complements another closure as it can be easily opened when the material starts to wear out.
  • Plastic snap closure: This is the quickest to close, but always be careful, as the animal’s skin can get in when it moves, which can hurt. It is more difficult to open, but if it is too tight, the closure can come loose.


The material is very important because the harnesses rest on the cat’s body. Just as we pay attention to the fabric of our coats, depending on the season, we have to do the same with the cat harnesses. It should also be strong so it won’t tear but feel soft so it doesn’t chafe or irritate.

There are waterproof fabrics so that the vest does not get wet in the rain, or breathable perforated fabrics so that the cat does not get warm in the summer. Materials are also available that provide protection against the cold. The simple harnesses with straps are usually made of resistant nylon.


Before buying a cat harness, it is very important to consider the size of the harness and your cat. You can usually adjust them, but the base should never be too big or too small. If they are too big, the animal can escape more easily. If they are too small, the harness may feel uncomfortable.

Almost all harnesses you can buy have different sizes and the description of the product usually explains what the dimensions of the neck, chest and waist are. So you have to pay attention to that before buying a harness for your cat.

Don’t forget that there are special harnesses for young kittens and others for adult cats.


In order for the cat harness to perform its function, it must of course be attached to a leash or leash where you can hold your cat. The most common models are made of resistant nylon that cannot be extended or shortened. The lines are usually not much longer than 120 centimeters.

In contrast to the extendable leashes for dogs, there are so-called ‘Bungee’ leashes for cats, which can also be extended and retracted, but to a lesser extent. This way your cat can walk a little ahead of you to sniff something or to see something that catches his attention.


City cats spend their entire lives in the house and this can sometimes cause problems. Cats can become bored, develop unpleasant habits, become aggressive or depressed, or be overweight, leading to other illnesses. It is impossible to let them loose because they can easily get lost if they are startled and run away from something.

That is why a harness is a good tool if you want to walk your cat, let him have new experiences or if you need to take him to the vet. There are many types of cat harnesses and we have explained in this article how to get your cat used to this new accessory.

Did you find our article about cat harnesses interesting? Leave your comment below or share the article with your friends and family on social media, so that they too can find the perfect cat harness for their cats.


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