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Key tips for medical school students in studying basic and clinical sciences

Congratulations! You did it!

You’ve made it to medical school.

This is truly a great feeling and you deserve it because you have been among the best. You will be among the best as well. There is one thing you need to keep in mind: Studying medicine is not a piece of cake. You have to work and study hard, and smart.

There will be a lot of material you will have to study when you are studying medicine. Apart from reading numerous reference books, visiting the library to study from various other books as well. Such is necessary because you will become an inspiring physician and that your hands will have the cure that will help save the lives of many.

Key tips for studying basic and clinical sciences

Learning and studying from both recommended and additional materials is tricky and challenging. Here are some tips to help make studies during basic and clinical sciences easy.

1. Relaxing and walking around a bit

At times, you might face issues focusing on the task at hand. Hence, relaxing, taking a short break and going out for a walk is helpful. Light exercise relaxes the mind and gives it the boost. It feels like a head is being cleaned up.

This tactic works well before exams, tests and classes. Never cram things up in the last moment as it sucks out the stamina.

2. Avoiding distractions

When studying online materials, it is easy to become distracted (video games, movies, etc.). in order to counter this, students should download a study app to help you study well and other apps that block distractions. That will help you avoid getting distracted.

3. Music is a mind soother

Music helps you focus on what you are doing. Experimenting with songs and music that bring you in the mood should be done in spare time.

Results however can depend upon your preferences for music and the way you respond to it. Some find rap to be helpful while some are die-hard fans of rock n roll. There are those who have no specific genre and have a mixed playlist.

Hence, make your own mix and listen to it when studying.

4. Never hesitate to resort to group studying

At times, studying individually is daunting. It would be best if you study more productively in a study group. For challenging courses, listening to peers and friends will be helpful. In fact, group studying helps people learn things from newer angles. This helps you retain what you learned.

5. Never ever procrastinate

When you are studying medicine, its best that you study diligently because you will always find time for entertainment and leisure later on. A medicine student should never procrastinate or they will end up losing a lot more than what they won.


These tips seem to be simple. However, they are also easily overlooked by negligence (or ego). A student of medicine has to study the discipline tediously and ensure that both grades and knowledge go along well with intellect and knowledge of the discipline. Being a physician is not a stroll in the park.

Clinical science program studies need to be taken with sincerity and seriously when they are being studied. Never ever would a student unintentionally miss a single lecture on practical subjects because during this program, they also begin learning the practical side of medicine.

Thankfully, medical school students in the Caribbean have competitive clinical science programs that are taught by experienced faculty members. Students are also revolved in practical environments, so they become familiar with the practical aspect of medicine and learn the discipline diligently.

The completion of the clinical sciences programs also leads to clinical rotations. If medical students ace in both then they are on their way to become qualified physicians with Doctor of Medicine (M.D) Degree. A degree in medicine is prestigious and is not taken but rather earned.

Caribbean Medical Schools have some of the best standards of education that are on par with those of Europe, Oceania and North America. Clinical sciences programs at most Caribbean medical schools are among the best and cost less than other programs in the developed world.


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