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Job Hunting Tips on Social media

Job Hunting Tips on Social Media

Today social media is not only for entertainment purposes but also used for job hunt. The presence of social media has increased the scope of job search as well as recruitment. Social media pages such as Facebook, instagram and Linkedin are playing a major role in making job search easy for the youth. It has outgrown the traditional method of job search.

So instead of using the faded traditional method of searching job apply the job search tips on social media –

Spread the word – Don’t feel shy or ashamed of advertising your joblessness to the world. It is natural to also be jobless or decide to change your field of work. Spread the word amongst your referrals and contacts so that they can circulate your resume amongst good contacts. Social media can connect a person with so many recruiters and companies who are hungry to hire fresh talents.

Social Media

Be available on essential working platforms – Understand, study and research the people you are following and the kind of field you are looking for to enter as a working professional. Most professionals have their major presence and job postings on Facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram. Follow them and talk to them of what is the company’s requirement and how can your skills be beneficial to their company’s growth.

Follow hashtags – Hashtags are the most effective and easiest way of looking for the right kind of jobs. Hashtags such as job search, fresher job, word search according to your work industry helps to connect with the specific recruiters. Hashtags makes even the recruiters reach their target audience on social media.

Build a portfolio – A strong and excellent portfolio catches the eyes of the right recruiters. Your portfolio is the biggest trump card for you to get a job of your interest and passion only if it is built in a way that can be viewed by most of the recruiters as well as the companies. An excellent portfolio is a demand by every recruiter so that they can circulate and make your resume be on the top list.

Join the groups – Become a part of Business and Finance industry centric groups related to your field of profession. This will help you to be connected with good and experienced recruiters who can literally help you sail through complex interview rounds of a company and getting you hired easily. Don’t advertise yourself and instead direct message recruiters who are capable of making you get in touch with good companies.

Maintain personality – Your personality is the biggest judging point for any recruiter. Especially when you are in a corporate world a simple personality that is sweet and naïve cannot and will never work out to the top. You have to be street smart and confident enough to be able to survive in a complex corporate environment. So it is on social media platform. Don’t post such things that are irrelevant to your personality or even your purpose as this is the big rejection point for you getting a job.

In this quarantine lockdown period utilize your time in a systematic way and have a purpose in life in terms of your career and goals. These are the most important prospects that will help you make your life successful.


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