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Ideas for virtual graduation ceremonies during COVID-19

Graduation from high school, college, university, grad school, or medical school ranks among life’s most memorable and rewarding milestones, in short, an achievement worth noting. With the COVID-19 disrupting life as we know it, social distancing is a new normal and it needs to be respected to prevent people from falling sick.

A virtual graduation ceremony is gaining importance these days. Regardless of whether it’s a high school degree, a community college associate’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s, or another degree. Graduation represents the finale and is the recognition of an individual’s hard work in education; studies, tests, assignments and exams.

A graduation ceremony is an important tradition everyone loves sharing with their closest family members, closest relatives, and best friends, regardless of whether they were able to celebrate it in the same place or not.

Whether or not are people throwing a celebration for a recent graduate in the family or the person themselves is the graduate and are hopeful of having their own kind of celebration, there are many ways to get creative and celebrate on virtual terms.

What is the best part of such? No one has to spend money on the graduation cap and gown, and don’t have to wear it either. Celebrating a major milestone of life in the comfort of home clothes is now a reality and doesn’t sound too bad either.

Here are some things to know about it:

1. Supplies

Whether or not is the graduate having a zoom celebration, they have it covered by Little Miss Party in a Box, a top-notch party supplies provider.  People can choose from many of the several customized celebration boxes provided. These will help the graduate with all the supplies and decorations needed for celebrating such a milestone.

2. Having a dinner party courtesy of Facetime

Those who love good dinner parties can consider using a service like Social studies. Why, because they send dinner party kits, like flatware, fancy plates, etc. right to the doorstep.

If there is a family or a household a graduate wishes to celebrate their success with, they can be given a fancy kit, and then a call on Zoom or FaceTime can be set to toast such a beautiful moment. Dinner can be eaten together virtually as the dinner is seen on the video call.

This will feel like a fancy dinner (in its approximation) especially like an outdoor fancy dinner to celebrate the graduation of the party’s guest of honor.

3. Creating a special presentation on MS Powerpoint

Having the graduate’s friends and family send in videos with well wishes or pictures of their favorite memories put together in a PowerPoint presentation. It is an easy thing to surprise someone with a Zoom call as it makes them feel special. The inclusion of hilarious childhood photos is encouraged but only with the graduate’s consent.

4. Sending graduates customized cookies

Eat Your Words Cookies is a good service provider that can customize cookie sets to celebrate their future college. School colors, logos, names, name anything!

Since a lot of high school graduates are not exactly in for fancy dinner parties or Zoom calls with each kind of relative, they are more into things they can remember for a long time, and hence, this is it. Sending graduates customized cookies works well with all graduates, in particular high school graduates.

5. Having friends and family making donations to that very special fund

Picking a place any graduate always wanted to go and planning a themed Zoom party around it works too. For instance, if the graduate always wanted to go, say Spain; then sending them Spanish dinner, matador outfits, playing Spanish music, tango, and adding Spanish flair to the Zoom background makes it even better.

Afterward, when the call is ending, telling the graduates that they have a Spanish vacation fund whenever travel reopens will help them see Spain. Having something to look forward too is always a good idea.


With the COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the world, some countries have opened their workplaces but continue to keep educational institutions enclosure, resulting in more online classes. Graduation ceremonies are often held online, hence these virtual graduation ceremonial ideas are bound to work.





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