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How to Fix an HP Printer Paper Jam Problem?

How to Fix an HP Printer Paper Jam Problem?

When working with any printer, it is inevitable you will come across a paper shake . This is a manual for eliminating. You might need to make adjustments based on the printer manufacturer and model Even though most printers are alike in layout.

Caution: You will need to prevent pulling the paper that is stuck from under the cover as it might lead to damage. Rather, pull on it in the rear of the paper or printer .

Note: Read the next sections to prevent harm and follow the given steps to fix Paper Jam issue on HP Printer.

Find and remove any paper stuck at the loading tray

  • Remove any loose paper from the loading tray.
  • Assess for any remaining pieces of newspaper .
  • Continue to the following section below.

Clearing the shake out of the rear of the printer

Follow the directions to clean the newspaper if you can not get from the loading tray. The rear of the printer includes a back access panel along with even a two-sided printing attachment.

Access door’s kind is different by model and printer manufacturer. If you can’t locate or remove the back access panel, then assess the printer maker’s site for certain information.

  • Eliminating a back access panel
  • Find the knob or accessibility tab on the back of the printer or on the panel . When it is a knob, then move it into the Unlocked place.
  • Open the panel and pull out the jammed paper.
  • Find and clean away any little pieces of newspaper that stay.
  • Fix and secure the back panel.
  • Remove the two-sided printing attachment to clean the paper jam
  • Press equally RELEASE buttons on each end of this module in precisely the exact same time and Remove it.
  • Find and clean away any little pieces of newspaper that stay.
  • Push back the module and snap it into position.

Ensure the printer carriage can move freely

  • Press the button at the top of this module along with opening the doorway .
  • Find and clean away any little pieces of newspaper that stay.

Reloading and testing the printer

  • Pulling out the paper from under the front pay.
  • Bear in mind, as mentioned previously, since it might lead to damage, this measure is recommended and should be a last resort.

Tip: Until it’s possible to get access to the 24, you might have to take out the toner cartridge In case you’ve got a laser printer.

Make sure the printer carriage is able to move freely

Disconnect the printer out of electricity by unplugging the power cable in the power socket.

View the carriage to find out whether it goes completely to the ideal side of the printer and out of sight. Don’t force the carriage to move since this might damage your printer whether it is stuck.

Note: Without taking away the drawer, remove any newspaper at the loading tray.

With your palms, rotate the pliers towards the cover of the printer for three complete rotations.

  • Change the ink cartridges.
  • Reloading and analyzing the printer

When you’ve Removed the jam, cleared any pieces of newspaper off, and guaranteed the printing carriage can proceed without difficulty, test your own printer.

Place some inkjet paper in the loading tray and then slip it into position.

Publish an evaluation page by doing a self-test.

Continued issues? Printer hardware Issues that are Potential

If the printer asserts following through the steps above, there is a paper jam, your printer might have a hardware issue. Components in the paper feed mechanism or A roller may earn a printer believe it’s a paper jam.

In the event of a hardware issue, it could be possible to get the printer. Due to the prices of printers it is cheaper to purchase a new printer.

Paper sticks are an inevitability within the lifespan of the printer as stated before. If you are restricting frequent paper jams, these steps might help stop them.

Overfilling the paper is often the reason behind paper jams

Many printers have slipping mechanisms that allow various kinds and sizes of paper to be fed to the printer. It can cause a paper jam, if the slider isn’t properly set up.

Utilize regular office paper. Folded, branded, since they have irregular measurements and specialization paper may cause jams. Consult with the printer documentation, if you are unsure

which kinds of paper that your printer takes

If you’re printing many pages, don’t mix the newspaper dimensions.

Make certain your printer paper is properly seated into the tray or slot.

Inspect the printer for any debris prior to printing. Printing tags, paper, paper sticks, or other objects in the printer may lead to jams.


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