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How to wash sheepskin rugs to avoid infection in bedsore patients

We should know the way to wash sheepskin rugs to avoid infection in bedsore patients. In a world of today where many new products were introduced in the market that benefited many individuals as well as industries. Among all these products few products made a very big difference and provided a huge benefit to the people and the health department of many countries especially the USA.

I am talking about the products made from medical sheepskins that are very famous and beneficial these days. These products have made life easy for many patients and especially for the ones who are bedridden. For the ones who do not know about the benefits of them, let me tell you that these sheepskin products prevent the bedridden patients from getting bedsores, provides comfort to the feet of diabetic people, and provides durable dressing for the burns patient and many more benefits.

These were the benefits but the main thing that everyone should know is how to keep the sheepskin products clean. We are talking about sheepskin rugs here. Many people use it until it gets dirty enough and then throws it and the time it is getting dirty it starts causing infections to the bedsore patients. We are here to tell you how you should wash your sheepskin rugs. Read about it below.

Use lukewarm water:

Lukewarm or cold water is always a savior for the kind of material that sheepskin has. You should wash your sheepskin rug with lukewarm water. This will protect your sheepskin from getting damaged as water with high temperature can finish its softness too soon and can also damage it permanently. Some rugs can bear a very high temperature too but many times we ourselves don’t know the intensity of temperature such rugs can take. So, to be on the safe side use lukewarm water to keep your sheepskin rug clean and durable.

Use Mild Detergents:

A thing that is placed beneath a bedsore patient should be soft and lubricated. While washing your rug don’t ever think of using wool detergents as they contain chemicals that can damage it completely. Use mild detergents that don’t have an enzyme in it. You can also use sheepskin detergents specially made to wash it. This detergent will have the right kind of properties needed to wash a sheepskin rug without damaging it. To be more careful you can read the properties and components written at the back of the detergent.


All of us set an amount of duration for any task that we do in life. So why shouldn’t you set it here too? We have already talked about it above that a sheepskin product has a very soft material and if a bedridden patient is using it so it should be made sure that it is nothing but comfortable and soft so that the patient doesn’t get uneasy and the sheepskin stays beneficial for a bedridden patient rather than getting infectious. To maintain that softness it is important to wash it minimum up to 5 minutes and maximum up to 10 minutes and with an easy hand. Washing it for more duration can damage it.

Dry it on a flat surface:

These are made with wool. A product having a soft material should be dried at a flat surface only and the only reason behind it is preventing it from getting damaged. After you are done washing the sheepskin rug, find any flat surface in your house and place it there or if you are not able to find one then you can hang it too but make sure it should be hanged in a straight position. This will also be beneficial in it getting dry quickly.

Brush it:

Brushing sheepskin rugs after washing and drying is the most important thing that you have to do. This is also included in the ways of washing a sheepskin. One should always brush the wool products after washing them. When your rug is completely dried take a brush and it is completely your choice either to brush it with a bristle brush or any other brush but just make sure it is a soft one and brush it off with a very slow hand. This will keep the furry material on the rug straight and soft.

Go for institutional washing:

A person who doesn’t get satisfied after following the above ways or is having problems while washing the rug then he or she can go to those companies that provide cleaning service for washing sheepskin products. This will charge you a cost but will save your time and will make the sheepskin rug infection-free.

Anything that is bought should be taken care of by its owner and if it is a product that is bought for a patient then it is very important to maintain it. So you should wash the sheepskin rugs by following all the ways mentioned above because it is very important for a bedridden patient to use a sheepskin rug that can provide comfort to them and save them from any kind of infections caused by dirty and rough sheepskin rugs.


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