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How to Track Social Media of Kids with TheOneSpy

How to Track Social Media of Kids with TheOneSpy

The social media obsession of kids is not hidden from anyone. The latest researches indicate kids’ excessive and needless use of social networking apps surpassing nine hours a day. The undue and unsupervised use of the socializing platforms can expose younger children to several potential threats such as online harassment and child predation. Parents can play key role to protect their children from the online dangers. They should follow the social media accounts of their loved ones to keep them from wrongdoings. The use of parental control and monitoring app can also help parents to track social media of kids with an aim to ensure their protection. This article discusses how you can closely watch out the social media of offspring using the social media tracking app.

Track Social Media

Social Media Monitoring App for Parents

Parents can take support of TheOneSpy mobile spy to keep tabs on the digital behavior of children. The app enables them to remotely monitor almost every single activity performed on the online and socializing platforms. You can trace every social media post of your kids to find out their plans, routines and activities. Also, you can monitor messages of your kids to make sure they do not involve in bullying, child molestation or any other online crime. Read on to know how the social media surveillance app lets you watch out most popular social media apps of kids without them knowing.

Monitor Most Popular Social Media Apps

The android monitoring solution of TheOneSpy allows parents to closely watch out the most commonly used social media apps and instant messengers. From Facebook to Snapchat, the surveillance tool allows tracing kids’ most favorite socializing apps.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social media platform having billions of active users. The platform is being used by predators and scammers to victimize adolescents. The social media surveillance app lets you supervise Facebook accounts of children without them know. The app lets you access Facebook chats, calls, photos, videos, audios and stuff posted and shared via the social messenger. The app creates an online backup of stuff exchanged via Facebook messenger to enable parents to retrieve the material anytime by logging into the web portal of TheOneSpy.


Snapchat is the new favorite social media and instant messaging app of teenage boys and girls. The app allows exchanging self-deleted messages that automatically disappear from the sending and receiving device within a few seconds after being read by recipient. The instant messaging app is being used for sexting to exchange sexually explicit photos and videos. Parents can prevent their kids from sexting by monitoring their Snapchat activities. The cell phone tracker app enables parents to capture every Snapchat message and activity of kids by remotely capturing phone screen. As your kid starts using the instant messenger, the spy app takes screenshots with a certain interval. The screenshots get uploaded to the web portal from where parents can retrieve them.


Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app that is promoting body-shaming and bullying. The Instagram users are likely to receive embarrassing comments on their photos and videos. The consistent bullying can have severe impacts on the psychological health of the victim. Parents can protect their kids from bullying by monitoring their posts and comments. The tracker app allows parents to review all Instagram posts of their children to ensure their online protection.


Tinder is a popular social media and dating app that allows users to find romantic partner. The app is being used by sex offenders to victimize the target. Parents can protect kids from abusers by keeping tabs on activities performed on the dating app. The spy app creates an online backup of messages exchanged via Tinder by uploading to the web portal. Also, it lets you oversee friend list and dating preferences.


WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messenger across the world. It allows users to exchange text, stickers, videos, photos, links, GPS locations, voice recordings and more. The parental control app for digital devices creates an online backup of stuff exchanged via instant messenger. It also provides access to contacts and allows capturing activities performed on the app by recording phone screen.


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