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How Chinese Smartphones Have Become so Popular in Recent Years

During the first quarter of 2020, Chinese brands established their dominance in the Indian smartphone market. The top five Chinese brands — Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, OPPO and OnePlus accounted for around 73 percent of the market share, blowing their competitors out of the water. While Samsung remains as one of the most popular smartphone brands in the country, there is no doubt that the Chinese smartphone manufacturers have gained a strong foothold in the international smartphone market.

There are a few reasons why the Chinese smartphone brands have now become more attractive to the consumers, over the more established ones like LG, Apple and Samsung. Considering the fact that Apple solely caters to the high-end consumers with their range of premium phones, their products aren’t as appealing to those wanting to buy a mobile phone within their budget limits. That said, smartphones produced by the Chinese manufacturers offer several other advantages, when compared to the devices designed by other brands.

  • Feature-Rich Phones

There was a time when you had to spend quite a lot of money to purchase a mobile phone with all the latest features. In the early 2010s, it was a three-way tussle between Apple, Samsung and Nokia. However, the competition soon narrowed down to Samsung and Apple, who were seen as the only two go-to brands in order to purchase a smartphone with the latest features and cutting-edge technology.

All that changed when Xiaomi entered the Indian market, and by 2017, the Chinese brand started offering feature-rich mobile phones at affordable prices. With other brands like Vivo, OPPO and Realme soon entering the market, the Chinese smartphone brands took over the lion’s share of the Indian smartphone market.

  • Better Cameras

One of the things Chinese brands have done successfully more than any other brand, is finding a way to offer better cameras to the consumers. While the older iPhone and Samsung models came with just one camera, often at a 8-16MP resolution, brands like OPPO and Xiaomi started offering smartphones with a dual-rear camera setup. 

Today, we have smartphones that come with quad-rear camera setup with a stunning primary shooter. For instance, the Poco M2 Pro comes with a quad-rear camera setup and a 48MP primary camera, making it one of the best phone under 15000. This comes among the best phones under this price segment. So those who are looking for an awesome phone in this price segment they can buy this one.

Similarly, smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro and Realme 6, which also come with quad-rear camera setups with 48MP and 64MP primary cameras respectively are available for less than Rs. 15,000.

  • Premium Design

Talking about the smartphone design, while Apple, LG and Samsung do offer exquisitely designed smartphones, they are often available at higher costs, and aren’t affordable for the budget and mid-range consumer segments. However, that isn’t the case with Chinese smartphone brands that provide smartphones with superior displays, higher screen-to-body ratios and higher display resolutions.

An apt example would be the Redmi K20 Pro, which comes with a 6.39-inch AMOLED display, with a 91.9 percent screen-to-body ratio, and a full HD + HDR panel. Furthermore, the smartphone also sports a unique gradient pattern at the back, and also comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection at the front and the back. While such premium design offered by other brands like LG and Samsung would cost a lot, Xiaomi offers the phone for less than Rs. 30,000, once again reaffirming its commitment to the mid-range consumer segment.

  • Budget-Friendly

As previously mentioned, Chinese smartphone brands provide feature-rich smartphones, with better cameras, faster processors, higher RAM size and premium designs at budget-friendly prices. For instance, the Vivo Y91i, considered to be the best Vivo mobile under 10000, comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, with the option of expanding it up to 256GB via microSD card. 

The smartphone also sports a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP front shooter, and has an impressive 6.22-inch capacitive touchscreen. Thus, Chinese brands offer smartphones for every budget with impressive features and specifications, which has enabled them to become extremely popular among the Indian consumers.


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