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Honest Review on Stellar Data Recovery Software

The best data recovery software is the one which can deal with any kind of data loss without altering the original format of files. Losing data is always a very traumatic and costly experience, so if you are able to find the best data recovery software for yourself then it will be worth paying for.  There are many data recovery tools available which can deal with the different data loss cases very well. So today I am going to review the Stellar data recovery software which is considered the most cost effective and efficient recovery tool by many reviewers.

Overall Rating of Stellar Data Recovery on the basis of my Testing

+ Easy to Use

+ Works Quickly

+ Good Quality of Recovered Files

+ Very Cost Effective

-ve Only Available in Five Languages

-ve Deep Scan Takes Time When the Size of Drive is Large

Above I have shared the overall rating of Stellar data recovery on the basis of my testing and review experience. Below you can read the detailed experience of mine which will help you to decide whether you need to buy this software or not.

First Let see what this tool tells about itself:

  • It is a Do IT Yourself Software
  • Recovers data from Corrupted Drives
  • File Sorting for easy recovery
  • Recovery in All Data Loss situations
  • Save scan & resume recovery
  • Quick & Deep Scan option Available

Stellar provides data recovery software for both Mac and Windows versions; it is pretty easy to use and can be easily handled by non-technical people.

Software Size and Download Time Taken by this software is 4.00 KB and 40 Seconds.

Downloaded and Installed on my Windows system, it installed very quickly.

I opened the software interface and it looked very easy to understand. I see the type of data I want to recover. What I need to do is just select the file type, so I did. I selected “All Data” and quickly moved to the next screen by clicking on the “Next” button.

Well, you must be thinking what next screen asked me for, so it asked me to choose the drive location. I selected the drive and it started the quick scan process. Guess what it did for me? It recovered my data without choosing a deep scan. Wow I am impressed with the software result.

Final Words: It successfully passed my recovery test and gave me a really good experience. I found it very inexpensive and worth paying for the software. It really did what it promised for. If you are thinking of investing in Stellar data recovery then I recommend going with it.


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