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Some of the highest paid engineering jobs

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

There are more than 40 different types in 5 subcategories of engineering professions. Learn more about the main engineering career paths, compare the highest-paid engineering jobs, salary ranges for each engineering profession, and find out what’s best for you.

Engineering is one of the most efficient jobs in the world.Engineering is widely regarded as one of the most practical and demanding career options, as well as many engineering subjects and types of jobs, and the salary of an engineer has some experience behind it. Engineers are earning more than the national average wage and this is expected to continue in the future for some reputable organizations. In fact, engineering degrees are one of the top 10 highest paid degrees at the time of writing.

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Petroleum engineering

The average starting salary for a gas engineer is $ 74,240, the median career wage is 132,320¹, and special gasoline engineers exceed the 186,520¹ limit. Business organizations expect many workers to retire in the next decade, just as global energy demand is increasing. The demand for petroleum engineers to exceed the numbers trained to fill the jobs available is expected to increase.

Internationally and domestically, this demand will advance the careers and salaries of petroleum engineers. There are a number of degrees available for those interested in petroleum engineering, including online training.

Electrical engineering

Newly graduated electrical engineers have an average starting salary of $ 57,330¹.

Many electrical engineering jobs come together to design, test and supervise the production of electrical equipment. However, some electrical engineering careers consist of designing electronic schematics for commercial and consumer use.

Employment growth in these areas is expected to be around 6%, a lower than average rate, for the rest of the decade.

Mid-career wages for electrical engineers are around $ 89,180¹.

Computer engineering

The average initial salary for a hardware engineer is $ 63,970. It is a relatively new field of engineering and some sources say there are not enough computer engineers to meet the demand. On the contrary, other sources say that the growth of the work of IT engineers will be lower than the national average. As schools begin to produce more computer engineers, the job growth rate may slow down. A computer engineer can expect to earn a mid-career salary of $ 101,000¹. Data engineering comes alongside computer and software engineering. Data science degree programs are sometimes combined with engineering or computer engineering salary, as courses have many crosses.

Most of the technological advancements are coming in the area of ​​software engineering and not in computer hardware, so keep that in mind.

Aerospace Engineering

A new graduate with extensive experience in construction can expect to start at $ 65,450¹. With the cutting of research facilities, the Department of Defense will work to increase the demand for aviation engineers by 5% over the next few years, which is slower than the industry average. The average salary of the average workforce is $ 103,720¹.

Using Chemical Products

The initial average cost for a chemist is about $ 94,000. Chemical engineers are usually active in manufacturing and research. They work not only for pharmaceutical companies, but also for the manufacture of electronics, clothing, paper, pharmaceuticals and food, to name a few.

Electronic engineers can shift their operations from production plants to sales management and corporate management. The market for chemical additives is expected to grow fairly over the coming years. However, job advancements in related fields, such as biomedical engineering, are expected to be faster than average jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Work. The average salary of $ 109,000 is average.

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