Hair Hacks: How to Use Bobby Pins for Naturally Wavy Hair


Curling your hair with the simple bobby pin is a fantastic and easy way to create a curly or Wavy hairstyle without damaging your hair with heat. All you need is your finger and some bobby pins, and you can create hassle-free wavy hair overnight.

We break the process down into eight helpful steps to help you get this natural wavy hairstyle.

1. Prep Your wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Product
Wavy Hair Product

For the best results, create these natural wavy curls when your hair is damp. Apply a smooth product to damp hair to stay longer once the bobby pins have been removed. If your beautiful hair that struggles to curl, use a leave-in conditioner to maintain your wavy curls create their shape. 

2. Section Your Hair

Take sections of hair that are between one to two inches wide. Start from the top so you can easily see the curls you are creating. Grab a part towards the roots and brush it with either a comb or gently with your fingers. Pull the hair taut and place your index finger on the ends. Use more significant sections of hair to create bigger curls, or smaller parts to create tighter wavy curls. We recommend always using your dominant hand to create the kinks, and use the non-dominant one as the guide.

You should try small bobby pins if you have thin hair, and use large-sized bobby pins if you have thicker or coarse hair. We also recommend using a bold color that is different from your hair color, so they can be easily spotted when it comes time to remove them.

3. Wrap Your Hair Around Your Fingers

Wrap wavy hair

Wrap your wavy hair around your finger until it reaches your roots. Grab a section of hair and twirl the hair around your fingers until you reach the roots. Hold your hair two to three inches from the ends and spin your finger clockwise, so your hair curls twist tightly around your index finger. Make sure there’s no gap between your fingers and your hair. Your non-dominant hand should be used as an anchor to keep your hair taut as you twist it.

If you are struggling with this finger wrapping technique or have mobility issues use a pen or an object that has the same shape as your finger. The length of your long hair will determine how many times you’ll need to wrap around your finger. 

4. Secure the wavy Curls

Wavy Curls
Wavy Curls

Slide your finger out once you reach your scalp and hold it with your non-dominant hand. Slide your finger out the curl and quickly keep it with a bobby pin. Try to slide the bolt in as close to the scalp as you can. Place your bobby pin around the curl at your roots to secure it to your scalp. If you want more of 1920s art deco inspired wavy-curly hairstyle, pin your curls flat against your roots. Pin your bobby pin across the middle of the coil for this softer wave.

5. Repeat the Process

Repeat the third step over the entire head. We recommend making the next curl in the section underneath the one before. Use hairspray when you’ve finished helping the curls or waves hold their shape.

6. Leave to Set

How to get Wavy Curls
Bobbi PIn Set

For the most long-lasting results, set your curls overnight. It takes twelve to fifteen hours to set beautiful hair into these bobby pin curls fully. Sleep in a silk cap or scalp to stop the hair becoming frizzy, and it will also be comfortable to sleep on it. Be careful not to tie to scarf too tightly, as this will flatten the curls.

Women with thicker hair can curl it in a much shorter period, sometimes as little as 45 minutes, but it will not have the same lasting results. You can use a blow dryer on light heat to help speed up the setting process.

7. Remove the Pins

Always remove the bobby pins one at a time, starting at the back, so your curly wavy hair doesn’t become tangled. Simply slide out the bobby pin and let the coil fall loose. Once all the bobby pins have been removed, shake out your curls by placing your fingers on your scalp. Separate larger sections of wavy curls to create multiple, small parts of coils.

8. Style

Wavy Hairstyles
Wavy Hairstyles

If you want more natural wavy hair, comb your hair with a medium or wide-tooth comb. Only brush until halfway down to create a gorgeous vintage-inspired style. Tease your hair using two to three inches of hair to create a voluminous and glamourous look.

After your curls are styled to your tastes, spray a light layer of hairspray over all your hair to keep your wavy curls defined all day long.

Pin curls are a fantastic natural way of getting versatile and curls without needing heat. Pin your curls, leave it overnight, and remove the pins in the morning for gorgeous natural wavy curls.


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