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The Great Indian Circus: Tips For Having A Successful India Tour

The Great Indian Circus: Tips For Having A Successful India Tour

When in India do as Indians do. This a phrase which tourists often here on their India tour. But, what does it mean? What are the tourists supposed to do? India is quite a big country filled with so many different cultures, languages and religions, that there is no doubt that tourists are bound to be confused. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed in a country like India, where things don’t come one by one, but all at once.

So, if you are planning an India Tour, here are some tips to help you guide through the great circus that India is:

Open your mind

The best way to approach your India tour is to just come here with an open mind. No matter how much you google, or read or search pictures, the reality of India is extremely different. Not only is India exceptionally beautiful when you visit the places but also filled with diversity and chaos that you cannot expect. It is a whole another realm, and every city is different from one another. So, just open your mind and let the great Indian circus take you in and make you fall in love with it.

Things take time here

When on your India tour, you might at times feel extremely impatient, especially by the way that things move here. Do not expect things to be done on time, or trains to come on time. A little delay is a norm here. So be as patient as you can be and things will get done.

Experience the beauty of trains

If you want to feel the real pulse on India on your India tour, then you must board a train to travel from one city to another. Trains are not only spacious and comfortable, but you will be flooded with a myriad of cultures and people from all over India. You should pre-book your tickets, as trains tend to get sold out pretty quickly.

If you are in Mumbai, then you should also travel on local trains. In Mumbai, more than half of the population travel by local trains and the sheer crowd is something to watch out for.

India isn’t the cleanest

On your India tour, you will be amazed by the sheer population of the country. Everywhere you will find people, and with such a huge population, you are bound to find unclean roads and corners. India also has the world’s largest slum area in Mumbai, which you can walk through to see how people live. It is quite a life-changing experience.

Some remote cities and villages in India might not even have properly made roads. Thus, you need to be extremely careful about your health and hygiene. Carry a sanitiser, and drink filtered water. If you are at Varanasi, then avoid taking a dip into the Holy River of Ganga, since it is quite populated. While not everybody who comes to India falls sick, it is still best to be cautious on your India tour.

Learn To Bargain

Most markets in tourist places like Jaipur, Agra, Chennai, and many more, will try to sell you souvenirs and clothes for a much higher price. Learn to bargain as much as you can to get the proper price. India is quite a cheap country when it comes to shopping and eating, so make sure you don’t get cheated. You might also need to bargain with cab drivers and auto-rickshaw drivers.

There Are Too Many Cultures In India

You cannot see every single thing that India has to offer on your India tour. India is made up of too many varied cultures, and every part of India is different from one another. South India is different from North India, West India is completely different from East India, and Central and North East India are also unique. Each culture and state have their language, food, religion, and traditions. So, make sure you know which part of India you are going to and do your research accordingly.

Travelling Alone In India

If you have decided to go on your India tour all alone, then there are a few tips that you should follow:

  1. Book your stay at a renowned hotel, and make sure that the hotel is located in a busy street.
  2. Most of the places in India are still quite conservative, so make sure you dress appropriately.
  3. You have to adapt to local traditions and rituals to get into the sense of India.
  4. For a solo female traveller, it is best not to venture out at night.

Packing For Your India Tour

What you need to pack for you India Tour depends heavily on when you are visiting the country and on which tour in India are you embarking on. If you are going for the Chota Char Dham trip, then be sure to pack your warm winter clothes. If you are visiting South India in the Summers, then make sure to carry loose-fitting summer clothes. If you are heading off on a serene trek in Meghalaya in June, then carry your raincoats. So, it all depends on where you are going and when you are going.

While it is quite natural to feel a little overwhelmed on your private India tour, you will see that it does get easier by the day. Every day you will learn something new about the culture, and feel yourself getting quite comfortable. India is also quite tourist-friendly, as sooner than later you will find yourself being o attached to this wondrous country that it will be hard to say goodbye. Such is the magic of India.


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