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Getting Mom And Dad to Listen When You Are Concerned About Their Health

Getting Mom And Dad to Listen When You Are Concerned About Their Health

You have sat down with your parents to discuss concerns you have about their welfare. The success or failure of the conversation hinges on your approach. Cleveland Home Care has some advices for you to follow;

Consider Your Parents’ Perspective

Aging can be frightening. You may think your parents are being obstinate when they are scared. To your parents, the infirmities of age may trigger fears of lost independence. As hard as the conversation is for you remember that it is equally hard or harder for mom and dad.

Keep At It

Getting your parents to respond to your concern for them may not be a onetime only conversation. Be prepared to make multiple efforts to convince mom and dad of the changes they need to make like moving nearer to you or allowing a caregiver into their current home.

Limit Information

If your parents are agitated by discussing their declining health hitting them with too much information or prolonging the conversation can only be counterproductive. If one or both of your parents have dementia an overload of information will be especially upsetting to them. This is where the multiple discussion approach comes into play.

Make It About Someone Else

Your parents may respond to your concerns if they think refusing to take proper care of themselves is hurting someone else. Explain to mom and dad how their actions or inaction affect their loved ones.

Keep Your Cool

The more resistant mom and dad become the more likely you are to get frustrated. Frustration can breed anger. Don’t lose your temper or issue threats and ultimatums “If you don’t do X you’ll have to go into a nursing home.” Know when to table the conversation for another time.

Remember Your Role

You have to talk to your parents about how they should take care of themselves. You may even have to provide them with physical care or help them make decisions. This can make it feel like the parent-child roles have been reversed. Your parents are still your parents and should be spoken to with the respect they have earned.

Avoid Reopening Old Wounds

One of both your parents become agitated because they are uncomfortable discussing the issues at hand. They lash out by dredging up the past. Rather than respond in kind tell your parents you love them, are trying to look out for them, and walk away.

Make “I” Statements

Avoid comments like “You need a caregiver because you can’t remember anything anymore.” Instead, use a more positive “I” statement. ” I think you should consider a caregiver because I notice you’re a little forgetful lately.”

Resign Yourself To Possible Failure

No matter how you broach the subject of their changing needs mom and dad might refuse to listen. It’s hard to be complacent when people you love disregard what is in their best interest. You have to remember that your parents are still adults with the right to self-determination. Other way you can  get help from respite care Cleveland professionals to guide you in a proper way.


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