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Get the Greatest Experience in World of Fitness with Figure It Out Gym near Versova

Until a few years ago, the average person would have associated the word ‘lifestyle’ with words like ‘travel’, ‘eating out’ or ‘leisure activities’. Likewise and often, ‘fitness’ was considered equivalent to spending hours at the gym.

Over last few years there has been a paradigm shift in the basic definitions of lifestyle and fitness.  Lifestyle, today is expressed through behaviour pattern at work, society and lone time and is largely driven by self-image.  Fitness has redefined itself holistically as ability to manage physical, mental and social aspects of life efficiently.  There in comes the interdependence and very few people would have imagined that fitness can influence your lifestyle and vice versa.

Following a healthy food lifestyle can make you more fit

Shift from consuming high Glycemic Index foods to low Glycemic Index foods means carbohydrate containing foods that are less likely to cause increase in blood sugar and consequently prevent chronic diseases related to obesity, diabetes and a plethora of ailments.  A lifestyle movement from the conventional unhealthy eating of heavy meals typically comprising of saturated fats, trans fats, sugar and processed foods to healthy options like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins is likely to give you more energy, reduce your stress levels and improve your immunity. This means better fitness.

When you’re fit, you’re motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle

Fitness is rewarding! If you’re fit, you are likely to enjoy good mental and physical health.  A huge boost in self-confidence is the collateral benefit of fitness.  Fitness then it becomes a way of life, compelling you to persist with these good influencers. This would mean you are more likely to get addicted (in a good way) to the lifestyle that makes it possible for you to stay fit!

Fitness is contagious and you could be the good carrier

Fitness raises self-esteem and you are likely to be the ‘quizzed person’ in your social circles on ‘how did you do it?’.  Your fitness could influence lifestyle of your peer groups who are more likely to follow your example.  Thus, fitness can have a domino effect and over a period of time society in general could improve their lifestyle which in turn could increase the average health and longevity of the citizens.

Figure It Out is fully-equipped gym in seven bungalows, Mumbai specializes in both nutrition and fitness. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find you the perfect solution! Our solutions are administered by industry specialists with years of experience and training.We are amongst the best gym in yari road and well equipped with expert trainers which make sure you reach your goals. To know more, head to Figure It Out gym and get your mind, body and soul energized!



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