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7 Pedestrians Safety Tips For Forklift Operators Must Follow

Forklift operators need to take care of many safety precautions in order to eliminate the hazardous happenings that take place in the workplace. It is important for the operators to keep them safe and ensure the safety of the pedestrians. No doubt, the pedestrians also need to follow the safety measures to reduce the risk of getting struck by the forklift operators. Both the passerby  and the forklift operators are required to follow proper safety practices.

As the weight of the forklifts is quite heavy; therefore not following the precautions properly can risk both the lives of the pedestrians as well as the forklift operator. It is also very difficult to control such heavyweight with loads when any mishap takes place. This is why Forklift training in Toronto ensures to provide the safety guidelines to all the operators and the pedestrians.  Here we have listed below some of the major suggestions that the operators must follow in order to keep the pedestrians safe at the workplace.

Let us discuss this suggestion in detail below:

Use of horn at corners or intersections:

While driving a forklift, often it is not possible to see the corners of the intersections, at these kinds of areas, as a forklift operator one must make use of horns. It is advised to do so that the pedestrians get aware of the forklift that is reaching towards them.

Use a convex or concave mirror if can’t use a spotter at blind spots

In order to eliminate the risk of any incident you can make use of concave or convex mirrors to help you cross the area. As it is unlikely to use a spotter at the blind spot always.

Use flash while moving in the reverse direction

For the pedestrians, it is quite hard to guess the next move of the forklift operators. They might not know when the operators reverse their forklift, if this happens there can be very serious injuries that can take place. Therefore, to reduce the risk, as a forklift operator you can make use of flash to give signals to the passerby about the direction you are moving in. You can also make use of alarms and if your forklift doesn’t have either of the indicators, you can always verbally indicate or warn them about your next move.

Having a clear view

Whether you are carrying a load or at the crossroads, your sight can be easily blocked. You must keep your view clear to eliminate the risk by keeping your load lower and by traveling at a low speed.

Provide signals to pedestrians

You must not hesitate to provide signals to pedestrians if they are on the wrong or dangerous positions. Providing signals to them will save them from falling prey to any mishap. Also, it will also save you from falling if you are carrying a heavy load.

Never carry anyone on the forks

Forklifts are meant to carry loads and not people. It can be highly dangerous to carry people instead of loads on the forks. So, it is advised to not carry any person on the forks as it might cause major injuries.

Stop and wait until pedestrian crosses

One of the major things, forklift operators must have is patience. there might be some regions of the workplace that consists of heavy foot-traffic. So you must be aware of these specific areas and must stop and wait until the pedestrians clear your way.


As a forklift operator, it is always good to take safety precautions and follow the forklift safety rules that are taught during the training period. It is always beneficial to commune clearly with the pedestrians while crossing by the area. Just by verbally signaling them or waiting for them to clear the foot-traffic areas can help you eliminate the risks that can take place in the workplace. CN Forklift training center provides you with theoretical as well as practical training so that you get familiar with the workplace and get to know how to actually operate a forklift with safety.


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