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What Is The Only Food that Will Not Break a Fast? (For Diet)

Dr.erec berg was doing some research recently on the topic of autophagy.
And he wants to share with some interesting data.
One of the biggest benefits of doing fast is autophagy.
And so there are other benefits to anti-inflammatory weight loss fat burning anti-ageing and the list goes on.

And on and it is true when you look at the actual definition of fasting it’s basically the absence of food you’re not eating anything you’ll be Drinking water but nothing else.
So let me just first explain autophagy.

Autophagy is garbage disposal it is breaking down stuff that shouldn’t be their things that are toxic and turning all that into brand new building blocks to make new tissue.

So it’s very anti-ageing and it also helps a lot of different conditions especially inflammatory conditions neurodegenerative conditions heart problems Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s anything inflammatory.

So autophagy is a very therapeutic thing and one of the biggest triggers is when you do fasting for a period of time.
If you’re consuming plants that are rich in phytochemicals that will enhance your autophagy it will not inhibit your autophagy so we have the phytochemical curcumin from turmeric which is a spice and then we have resveratrol.
Or you can get it from another supplement called knockweed extract which is very powerful.

Then you have sulforaphane which is a very powerful phytonutrient which is in cruciferous vegetables.
It’s a type of a larger category called glucosinolates there’s probably more research on this phytonutrient than any other phytonutrients out there.
When you’re consuming raw cruciferous vegetables you are triggering autophagy.
If we take the autophagy benefits from both fasting and phytonutrients in cruciferous vegetables and add the additional anti-cancer benefits.

It’s going to help you remove more damaged proteins from the body one type of protein that is toxic on your body is the accumulation of misfolded protein or glycated protein.
Which is a combination of sugar and protein together realize I’m not talking about your muscle protein or your ligament protein I’m talking about the tiny biological machines that are doing all the work in the body most of them are enzymes they’re made out of protein.
And when they get misfolded or glycated they accumulate and they clog things up in your brain they’re involved in a lot of neurodegenerative diseases they’re definitely involved in cancer autophagy gets rid of this stuff it increases stress resistance.

So your body actually can tolerate more stress especially if you’re going through chemotherapy for example and you choose to do chemo let’s say with a fast and cruciferous.
The autophagy effect will increase the resistance to chemotherapy even the chemo and the radiation will have a less negative effect on your cells.
Autophagy also helps you stabilize genes and by getting rid of the damaged cells you’re left with functional cells.

Which will also decrease your risk for cancer.
Overall it will extend your life.
I recommend that you experiment with this you can do like for example broccoli sprouts or cauliflower or kale during a fast.
And just evaluate your results you can get it as a food or as a food concentrate in a supplement.

If you want to try to add some little fan to your daily diet I suggest making tater tots in the air fryer.
And lastly, I just want to mention when you see the research on fasting you’ll usually also see fasting or calorie-restrictive diets.
Well, cruciferous vegetables have extremely low calories and their Nutrient-dense, especially with the phytonutrients.

Source of information: Dr.erec berg.
Thank you so much sir or madam for reading and for your attention!


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