Finally, we witness the fourteenth of february, the day of love where every couple is out celebrating with the roses and making sure the person he or she is with smiles on this day. Well, if you are not near them then you can always order flowers online or order cake online in delhi  for them.

The flowers are just perfect when it comes to expressing what one is feeling on the inside, you can always choose a flower that your significant other might love and just surprise them with the bouquet. When we talk about flowers, they are capable of expressing what a person is feeling on the inside.

You can always opt for the flowers to express that and on valentines the star of the day is roses, but the rose is in such a high demand that people are not able to get enough. The best way to curb that up is through the other flowers. Now every flower symbolises something and so does their colour as well so make sure that you express what you feel freely with the flowers that you are about to choose.

Here are the list of the flowers with their meanings and you can always pair them up with roses:


The bold and dramatic rose which depicts romance will always look beautiful with this beauty, you can always opt for the sunflower. The sunflower just reminds a person of the strength that is there and the happiness and warmth that is being projected through the flower, along with that the flower also holds the power to be known for always facing towards the sun and this will also make your significant other realise the love that is there between you two.


There are many colours to tulips just the same way we find many to the roses. These are just natural filler, even a small bouquet of tulips looks full so a slower you can always opt for should be the tulip and you can buy that as always and get the freshly cut flowers added to the rose bouquet of yours. The tulips are known to symbolise the core of the lover and the best way to make them realise the passion you have for them is with the tulips and roses combined. They will absolutely love the bouquet. You can always approach the best florists in bangalore to know more about that.


When we talk about the undying love and the pure deep love, a flower that pops up in our head is the carnation, this flower is just capable of depicting so much that is there, you can always opt for the flower and just combine the flower with the roses and this will surely enhance the bouquet as well but the bouquet will also symbolise the good luck that is there. This makes the bouquet perfect for the symbolisation. You can always go for the carnations.


These are again perfect as you can go for these flowers to symbolise the longevity and joy that is there and they are just so popular and come in a myriad of colours that you are bound to see them at every junction and in every florists shop you enter into. Easy to care for as well, when combined with rose the freshly cut bouquet also becomes long lasting but you must remind them some tips regarding the care for these bouquets as with being long lasting they are just something that will perish sppn with time and we just want make it all long lasting for them as it all goes by.


The calla lilies are not actual lilies but they just perfectly compliment the roses, they are available in many colours so you can always have them with your bouquet. They compliment many flowers so this flower is something that you can always choose when it comes to choosing the flower. They are small and this makes it perfect, your florists may put the foliage according to his choice but when it comes to the bouquet it will just make you the star. Calla lily is something that you can always go for.


There are many ways to express the love that you feel one is paying attention to what they love and what they don’t you can always do that when it comes to this point. Make sure that you are making them realise how happy you are to be with them and how much you appreciate and support them and for that you can order cake online in bangalore.

Valentines is surely a time when you are expressing your love to them and this is something that you can always go for, make this valentine’s day memorable. Give them some flowers then ask them out for the dinner in a really romantic way.


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