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Which Five Designs for Gift Card Boxes are Preferred by the Customers

Gift Card Boxes are a special type of packaging due to their unique aesthetics. They are not like many other simple ones. They are elegant and stylish so people can present special cards to their loved ones. They are mostly manufactured with cardboard stock. This one is one of the sturdiest materials for the packaging. It is versatile, so these packages can be manufactured in different ways and designs. Their size is customizable. Some businesses get them manufactured in different shapes.

Most of these packages are manufactured in dual encasement mode. This one provides great durability to them as people are going to keep them for a long time. Alluring graphics is their identity. They are printed with adorable artwork to make an impact on the receiver. Alluring images can be printed on them to glorify their persona. Premium lamination is applied to them that gives a glossy or matte finish.

Gift Card Boxes have been used for many years to make an impact on the receiver. With time, different types of packages are being used for this purpose. These innovations in design have been liked by most of the customers. Here are some of the top designs that are mostly preferred by the people these days.

Sleeve packaging 

This is the most elegant design for the Custom gift card boxes. It consists of 2 parts. One is a sleeve that covers a complete box or a sliding tray. Sometimes it is manufactured with a handle made of rope or a ribbon from the side. This is used to take out the inner tray from the sleeve. The inner part can be printed with the required material. Most businesses use embossing technology for printing the sleeve. Many businesses buy this type of Gift Card Boxes Wholesale to satisfy their premium customers.

Flip-top box

This is a simple yet great looking type of design used for Custom Printed Present Card Boxes. Many businesses use this one as people like their simple yet adorable look. They have a foldable lid that is pretty easy to open and close. There may be 1 or 2 parts lids on this type of package. They can also be customized in size and printing.

Personalized shape package

As these gift cards are presented on a special occasion, this design is liked by most of the people. These gift card box holder for a birthday, anniversary, etc. can be personalized in shape. Like a cake shape for the birthday and anniversary. Egg for Easter, a tree for Christmas, heart for Valentine’s Day, etc. are loved by the customers. That is why many businesses buy these types of gift card boxes bulk.

Shoulder package

These custom gift card packaging boxes are pretty unique for presenting these special items. They have three parts that give an innovative overall look. A tray is fixed inside the base. Lid covers the tray. Generally, the lid and the base have the same colors, and the tray has one in contrast. That makes a sleek line between the base and the lid. It looks special, so many businesses buy these types of Present card boxes wholesale.

Considering that these gift cards are delivered at a special event, most people like this style. Those birthday, anniversary, etc. gift card holders can be personalized in shape. Including a cake shape to the anniversary and birthday. The customers love Egg for Easter, a Christmas tree, the heart for Valentine’s Day, etc. This is why many companies are buying the bulk of these types of gift card boxes.

Dual encasement box

There are many gift card boxes ideas for this type of packaging. Manufacturers make these packages in the double encasement. This one has an additional layer of cardboard. The inner layer is made in a shape that can be a holder for the Durable Gift Cards. This type of package can be manufactured in other designs. This is the most special one and liked to buy the majority of the people.

Custom gift card boxes are not just a protective measure of these special gifts. Nowadays, they have become a symbol of style and fashion. There are many types of innovative designs for these packages nowadays. But the ones mentioned above are some of those that are loved and preferred by most of the people. You can refer to them before choosing the one for your business. It will be fruitful in many ways.


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