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Home Health Fire Safety Tips for Senior Adults

Fire Safety Tips for Senior Adults

Fire Safety Tips for Senior Adults

Millions of Americans are injured, displaced, or killed by home fires each year, and many of them are senior citizens. Learning what to do in the case of a home fire is an important education for your senior loved one. Many people panic, and this is often what causes the most dangerous situations during a fire. Helping your older adults understand some simple, but vital, rules for fire safety can very well help save their lives. There are many areas of the home where a fire can potentially start, and depending on the contents around the area a fire could expand rapidly. Cleveland home care brings you some essential safety tips for seniors.

Stop smoking

One of the major causes of fires in the homes of seniors is a cigarette butt that has been carelessly placed. Older adults, especially those who live alone, should stop this habit for more than just health reasons. Seniors may sometimes be forgetful when it comes to putting down a lit cigarette or dropping the still burning ashes. This is a dangerous combination and could start a fire within seconds. If your senior loved one smokes, the best thing they can do for themselves is to quit for safety’s sake.

Do not use space heaters

This is the most common cause of house fires among residents of any age. If your senior loved one life alone, a space heater can be a danger. Fires start when the space heater overheats, gets knocked over bu accident or is just too close to flammable items. It is not recommended for seniors to have space heaters in the home because of the potential danger. Use other methods of heating the home even if you must invest in the installation of central heat. The life that may be saved could be your senior loved one.

Have a getaway plan in place

An important safety precaution is to have an evacuation plan for your senior loved one. They must know what to do to escape a fire, and where to go so that they can be easily located if a fire were to break out in their home. It is vital for family members, and authorized persons to be able to account for the senior’s wellbeing.

Practice stop, drop, and roll

Your senior loved one may remember this from years ago, but they must practice it in order to still do it successfully. It is sometimes difficult for seniors to drop down and roll, and this is the reason that it should be practiced periodically to get them accustomed to being able to do the procedure.

Knowing what to do in the case of a fire in the home is essential for all seniors. Family members can rest easier if their senior loved one is educated in fire safety, and the procedures necessary to save lives. It is also important not to have escape-proof doors on the home. Unwanted people may not be able to get in, but your senior loved one cannot get out in case of a fire emergency.

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