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Find Out the Best International School in Jaipur with Online Classes Facilities

Well, many schools exist in the city but choosing the best international school in Jaipur is a difficult task. As every school promises to provide great quality education to fulfill a parent’s expectation. But in this era, education has seen some drastic changes, now one can learn and study from home through online classes taken by the faculties. VSI International School in Jaipur has started this for the sake of students and the safety of other educational staff of their school as well.

Education is the initial step for the people to acquire the awareness to make this world a much better place. This international school in Jaipur believes in empowering the children with creative thinking so that they can bring out modifications in the world and spread more and more knowledge through their experiences. Education is a long period of investment as no one can take away the things you have learned through your difficulties and obstacles.

Open for Admission of Academic Year:  2020-21

international school in jaipurThe admissions are taking place in VSI International School in Jaipur for the year 2020-21, for all the streams Art, Commerce, Science, and playgroup kids as well. To index kids or adults for the school, one needs to go to their website and collect the admission form. The management team of the administration department of the school will direct you for the additional process and documentation.

Face to Face or Online Classes

Although our nation is addressing the Covid-19 extremity, the safety of each household is important in the first place. So, VSI, an international school in Jaipur, has started online classes for students to ensure that they are safe and also their syllabus isn’t left behind. Every teacher has been allotted the timing of the classes where they interact with the students face to face and teach them accordingly.

Taking classes online also attracts students and they also gain their interest in learning in such away. Teaching through visuals, animations, music, and video charts make the concept clear in the mind of the students as they can learn while seeing things live, this also engages their interest to learn more.

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More Activities Provided By the School

  • PlayGround:- Where students in their games period can do some physical activity which is also an important part of learning.

  • Sports:- Different types of sports like cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc are played during the session.

  • Swimming Pool:- Students can also learn how to swim in their respective period and a dressing room is assigned for both the genders where they can change and take showers.

  • Computer Labs:- There is a separate computer lab for all the students where they can figure out the usage of a computer and different shades of it.

  • Maths Lab:- All the equipment helps the students to learn and expertise, It helps them solve their equations and the faculties are also a part of it as they try to cope up with the student if he/she has any doubts.

  • Activity Room:- Here the students try to explore and discover their talents as they get solutions based on their interests. This international school in Jaipur also has an A.V. room which is furnished with LCDs and sound systems. This room is used by the teachers to teach the students through workshops and presentations and also sometimes the movies and documentaries are displayed based on educational value. Moreover, special movies are also shown to the students but only on some special occasions.

  • Transportation:- This school also provides a fully air-conditioned bus facility to their students which are supported by phones and GPRS Services. The junior wing kids are assisted by an attendant and a maid.


“VSI, an international school in Jaipur is one of the best schools as they give freedom to their students to express and  explore themselves.” – Khushboo Sharma

“This is the best school in Jaipur if you see on the educational and modern facilities terms.”- Nivesh Gaur

“ This provides the best quality education to the children of a new age and gives them ideas to examine themselves in the world.”- Radhika Mishra

“I want to recommend VSI International School in Jaipur, to everyone in the city as it is the best educational academy for your teen’s future.”- Rekha Sharma

Location and Contact Details of the School

Full Address:- Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur

Phone/ Mobile No. :- 0141 – 2793080/ 9309305656

Email ID:- vsiinternationaljaipur@gmail.com

Website:- https://vsiinternational.in

Teachers will never stay with you all the time and they will not teach you what or how to do. But they will give you the knowledge that anyone can choose what is the best way for you to do it. All the education and learning do not come from the classroom sessions or taught by your teachers it also comes with phrases of life of a person.


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