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In Coming Days Energy Efficient Air Coolers Will be In Trend

Come summer, and everyone starts looking for an AC buying guide to bring home a permanent solution for the heat. However, an AC is a huge investment. It costs a lot not just to bring one home, but also to pay for the rising electricity bills every month. And here’s some good news- an air cooler is not just a cheap alternative for an AC. Air coolers, whether they are window, desert, or personal, are a great option, especially for hot and dry areas. 

Recently, one of the air cooler brands, Orient, announced a range of energy-efficient, inverter air coolers. This range runs on electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology, which helps the cooler save upto 50% of the energy cost. Add this to the already low consumption nature of air coolers, and you get what would indeed be not just the best air cooler, but probably the best cooling device. 

Here are some other features of air coolers which will make them a huge success in the months to come. 

Air quality

This is probably one of the biggest positive factors about air coolers. As opposed to ACs, air coolers take in air from the outside, cool it, and supply fresh, cool air continuously in the room. ACs, on the other hand, take in the same air in the limited space of the room and keep circulating it again and again. Air coolers are generally recommended for people with dust allergies, asthma, and other related medical problems. 

Ease of use

Installation of an AC is a long process. You need to call a special person from the company to install an AC, whether it is a window AC or a split AC. Air coolers are extremely convenient, they do not require any special installation. Some coolers come with wheels as well. They can be easily moved from one room to another. 

Value for money

This is the most well-known plus point of air coolers. Although both appliances have the same function, an AC will cost you a minimum of Rs.30,000. Check this air conditioner buying guide if you are planning to purchase a brand new AC, a really good model can very well go upto Rs.60,000 and more. On the other hand, you can get an air cooler for as low as Rs.5,000. The best air cooler could cost you about Rs.15,000. Moreover, an AC comes with operating costs as well. An air cooler’s operating costs are also low and manageable. With an electricity consumption that is about 80% lesser than that of an AC, one can certainly expect much lighter electricity bills. 

The greener choice

Global warming is increasingly coming forth as a major issue for the world. As working class people, the least that we can do is keep our carbon footprints to a minimum possible level.  An air cooler surely consumes much less energy than an AC. But there’s another aspect as well. ACs use CFCs (Chloro Fluoro Carbons) and HFCs (Hydro- Chlorofluoro Carbons) as refrigerants- chemicals which are known to be harmful for the ozone layer. Air coolers use the simplest refrigerant which is water. 


This summer, before you get your AC buying guide out, have a look at some of the latest coolers in the market. You might be in for a pleasant surprise!

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