So you want to look better and fit but you don’t know how to build muscles. A lean and muscular frame is visually appealing and dream for everyone of us. A lean built person is sure to turn many heads in any setting. But how to be muscular is a big question. Do you need to take some muscle building steroids? No not really.  Muscles grow only through muscle damage, followed by repair and new growth. Continuous positive strain on muscle by exercise causes minor tear in muscle which while resting is repaired. The repair causes muscle to grow stronger. So the most effective way is exercise, but can you become muscular by any exercise?


We list down some ways to become muscular.

  • Resistance training:

Resistance training and progressive overload are best ways to incite muscle development. Various programmes will help for different goals of hypertrophy. Newbies to resistance training must focus to build a level of strength and muscle definition while practicing good form. Your body becomes stronger when you start exercising before growing muscle. First nervous system adapts to the stress caused by resistance training by learning to use the existing muscles effectively then as you keep working out consistently it stimulates muscle growth. “Consistency is key”. Always warm up properly before any kind of resistance training to prevent injury.

  • Compound Exercises:

Exercises like squats, presses, rows and deadlifts utilise most muscles and joints thus encouraging more stress and energy expenditure. This form of training effectively allows user to progressively overload. New lifters must focus on these movements instead of accessory training to get stronger. One can identify their strength and weaknesses by doing these compound movements and then add exercises to improve muscle imbalances.

  • Full Body Exercises/Push Pull Legs split

    Instead of training one body part a day, incorporate PPL format of training in your workout. PPL/Push Pull Legs essentially means training your all your “push” muscles, “pull” muscles and leg muscles in a workout session. This type of workout split puts more load on your muscles increasing positive wear and tear and increases your strength as well as increases muscles. It also allows your body plenty of recovery time.
    *Note: Push muscles: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps
    Pull muscles: Back & Biceps

    Full body workout split works in similar way. Anecdotal evidence suggests that high frequency training is extremely effective for most individuals.

  • Nutrition:

    Everything you do in gym won’t work unless you have proper nutrition. To build muscle/gain weight you need to be in calorie surplus in your diet. You should try to eat 200-300 more calories than your maintenance calories to effectively build lean muscle. Your diet must include protein equal to 2x your bodyweight. Other macronutrients like carbs, fats are required to provide energy for your workouts. You can achieve your protein goals through protein rich food like chicken, eggs, milk, soyabean, beans etc or protein supplements. Remember good nutrition is derived from real food.

  • Hydration:

    Staying hydrated aids in muscle recovery and digestion of food. One must aim to drink at least 2/3rd of their bodyweight of water. Water helps in carrying important nutrients to your muscles along with cooling your body. Staying hydrated improves skin too.

  • Rest

    One of the most overlooked aspect to building muscle is sleep. People underestimate the effect of sleep on body. They say “Muscles are built during sleep” and nothing can be truer than this. 7-9 hours of sleep effectively builds your musculature. The exhausted muscles repair themselves in sleep. The less you sleep the less time the muscle has to recover.

  • Progressive Overload

You need to overload progressively to effectively build muscle. Your body adapts to stress, so if you keep doing the same exercises without any change in the resistance your body stops responding. You must always try to add more weight or reps or sets to put up a challenge on your body. Progressively overload is sure way to increase muscles.

  • Supplements

    Its sometimes difficult to complete your nutrition and calorie goals through your diet. Here is where supplements come into play. You can add protein supplements to complete your daily protein requirement.

  • Positive Outlook

Building lean muscles is difficult. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see results immediately. Keep working out consistently. It is said that “It takes 2 weeks for you to notice changes in your body, 4 weeks for your friends and 8 weeks for the whole world to notice you”

Muscle building has to be a long-term goal. To naturally build a physique you need to work for years.

  • Cardio

    Many lifters overlook cardio. Cardio is an essential tool to that must be included in your arsenal for muscle building. Cardio helps in burning calories and also keeps your heart healthy. 20-40 minutes of difficult cardio thrice a week should suffice.
    These are some activites which are effective ways to get training for super cool body like your favourite bodybuilder. These workouts are quiet effective and very useful.


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