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Getting education in the US as a foreigner

Getting education in the US as a foreigner

The United States has always been a leader in education providing expert and professional education enabling students to be marketable in any part of the world. It is for this reason that thousands of students from around the world and particularly in China flock the United States to receive their education and more specifically in higher education. Foreigners apply for a scholarship to US Universities each year while the rest fund their own tuition to get a chance to study in prestigious US educational institutions.

Students come from different parts of the world to seek education in educational instruction due to the avaricious benefits associated with getting an education in the US. Getting an education in the US as a foreigner also comes with various challenges. The institution of higher learning have seen an increased number of foreign students and to address some of the queries raised by this incidence the paper will define the reasons why most foreigners seek education in the US and the challenges they experience.

Advantages of getting education in the US as a foreigner

The US provides quality education, and this is a fact accepted in the world. The fact that the US has the best education encourages students from every corner the world to seek this opportunity. The quality of education attracts foreigners especially from China who are of the view that learning in the US makes them more competent in their professional world. According to Homework Help any individual who has gained his education from US educational institutions is highly marketable especially in the home countries of the foreigners.

This identifies that the graduates get better jobs and higher income with chances of developing further in their careers. The employers in these countries identify the quality of education and therefore recognize the competency and the job readiness of these graduates. The US learned foreigners have an upper advantage in the job markets than compares to graduates who learned from other institutions outside the United States.

The flawed education systems in countries such as China where the competition to get into these universities is high, yet the education is not adequate to prepare the student to take on active roles in their employment is what makes studying in the US a privilege. The low standard of education limits the ability of the graduates from making it ahead in life. It also limits them from competing on an equal footing with workers from universities in the US.

The disparities in educational quality between the US and other countries are what drives students to seek education in the country. The learning institutions in most parts of the world are limited in terms of resources of professional educators meaning that students come out of the learning institutions still not ready to assume their responsibilities in the workplace.

The US universities provide students with greater flexibility and more choices in terms of the courses they want to do. In China, for example, the students are called for a specific course and do not have much leeway in the course they want to do or where they will study. In China, the schooling system uses tests scores to determine the course and subjects the student will take eliminating the chance to study subjects of interest. Getting an education in the US means one has an opportunity to choose the university they want to attend as well as the course they want to do.

The universities in the US provide the student with the opportunities to explore their academic interests before selecting their majors, and this is not an opportunity provided in other learning institutions outside the country. The high number of different courses provides the foreign student with a multitude of choices and opportunities to select from in terms of course and future careers as compared to the choices provided in other parts of the world. This opportunity has seen the number of foreign students in American universities increased from 5 million in the last five years to over ten million.

Getting to learn in the United States for foreigners exposes them to the real world environment in terms of cultures exchanges. Students can develop greater cultural awareness due to the interaction with a student from every part of the world. Interacting with different culture helps to boost understanding of various world issues preparing the students to become future leaders who understand the domestic and international community.

Another advantage of studying in the US as a foreigner is the availability of funding opportunities provided to international students. The US universities provide scholarships to the international students based on merit or other competencies such as skill in support. Therefore for students who are unable to get funding in their countries and have high grades or skills can get funding opportunities if they seek to learn in US universities’.

Challenges of getting education in the US a foreigner

Getting an education in the US as a foreigner comes with various challenges with the first being adjusting to the new culture. Coming from conservative parts of the world such as Asia and coming to the US with its liberal culture exposes the foreign student to culture shock. The US is defined as a melting pot of cultures and therefore adjusting to the different cultures is a challenge for most foreign students.

The differences in culture between where one is coming from the US may make it difficult to adjust especially when dealing with different people each day. The culture change is one of the biggest challenges the foreign student gets when they try to get an education in the US. Students especially those without colleagues from the same area find it difficult to adjust, and this negatively influences the pace at which they become integrated into the learning environment.

Language barriers also act as another barrier to getting an education in the US for foreigners. The students from areas where English is not spoken as a first language such as China may find it difficult to communicate in both written and oral English effectively. The students also may not effectively hear and understand each phrase as pronounced by the professors since the students who are not used to American English may miss a few words as they are being spoken.

Therefore before the students can adjust to the language changes and learn how to listen and communicate in American English, they face challenges in learning. Hopkins noted that language barriers limits the understanding of students and therefore such foreign student struggling with reading and understanding context taught in class.

Financial challenges are other factors that influence the lives of the students from foreign countries. Students from middle-income families and who have ben sponsored by the universities may face financial challenges especially when the tuition they receive does not cover all expenses. Some scholarships may pay tuition while not paying accommodation and food which means that such students have to seek alternative ways to generate the money necessary to survive and study.

While parents or relatives of such student may send money once in a while, they may not always send enough to meet the basic needs of the foreign students. Such students have to seek employment opportunities while studying which can be a challenging task of balancing between school and work life.

Motivation also affects foreign students more so the chinses student. The fact that they are alone in a new country negatively motivates them. Without the support of family to rely on motivation drastically reduces over time.

According to Griner & Sobol the motivation of the Chinese students studying in the US is affected by personal dynamic, globalization persuasion, outlying factors, parental influence and reverse motivation. Motivation directly affects the performance of the Chinese students.  The different lives between the US and their country negatively affect the motivation of students, for example, being lonely in a new environment reduces the motivation of learners.

Learning to be independent is another major challenge for students seeking education in the US. With no family support or friends they know about such learners are social outcast which is enhanced by the fact that language barriers limit the formation of social bonds. The inability to adjust to new environment and being lonely affects foreign student psychologically which is due to the perception that they do not fit in with the rest.


The perception that getting an education in the US is beneficial is supported by research and evidence from students who have successfully passed through US universities. However, strudels identify that getting an education in the US is not without challenges for the foreign students. The benefits of getting an education in the US include improved marketability, flexibility, and opportunities in courses selected, new experiences and ability to work anywhere.

The challenges that face foreign students as they seek to get educated in the US are equally as many as the benefits. The challenges faced include culture changes, language barriers, financial difficulties, reduced motivation and learning to be independent of family. This identifies the two aspects surrounding the acquisition of education in the US for foreigners.

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