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Draping & Blouse Styles For Party Wear Saree

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   You can always pop out with a new style every time using numerous ways to drape a saree. How boring it is to look similar to every other lady in the function or party hall?!  That same draped saree style, those alike normal old fashioned blouse cuts! We need something new!
Something which is in trend, which can make you look dignified and bold. Alas! at last, we end up drapping in that same style and that same blouse,
because we don’t get many ideas.
So, let’s move ahead with some best drapping styles and amazing blouse-cuts fashion inspired by Bollywood Divas!
*The Saree Fall:-

  The most preferred one, basically best to materialize the saree’s work or designs and helps you to maintain hand-arm posture. Most simple and well appearance. If you prefer a saree with work or print on fabric instead of border work, you can leave it hanging on your arm. Blouse cuts like full sleeves, half-arm sleeves, and full-arm sleeves suit best with the saree fall style. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The strapless fit:-

  The strapless blouse is one of the most alluring styles between all other styles of blouse. Indeed, it never leaves you without a damn glam look.
The strapless blouse is much appropriate with net fabric sarees. Plain net sarees should have stylish blouse cut, the strapless blouse is built on trending and best for youngsters. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The full-neck collar blouse:-

   Full neck blouse is commonly picked when the blouse is fully printed designed or have embroidery work or stones. If the blouse is simply printed, then go sleeveless or half-armed sleeves blouse cuts, drapping the saree covering your chest and tuck pleats fold on your shoulder. If your full-neck
the blouse is embroidered, prefer full-hand sleeved or full-arm sleeved with saree draped covering half of the chest and tuck the saree’s fold on shoulder either by hanging the fall or fold bold huge pleats. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The western off-shoulder blouse:-

  Off-shoulder has been trending in western wear for a long period of time, and now has been adopted by traditional wear to upcome with some unique and kind of funky upgrade into a daily normal lifestyle. Printed sarees head perfectly with western off-shoulder sarees. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*Single strap blouse:-


  Single strap blouse can work wonders when your saree is simply printed like DP’s multi-saree,(click to get one) and the combination of blouse should be simple and plain. You will slay for sure while drapping it slightly from the middle of the right side of the chest and tucking it on the left strap of the blouse. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The Gujarati/patola style:-


Gujju’s styles rock like how Navratri rocks, as shown per image the blouse must be a bit short in length and slightly deep in the neck. While the pallu can be either on one-side fully folded leaning from the backside, or take a single edge of pallu from right bottom and tuck it back at the hip side to get traditional Gujarati/patola look. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The desi-off shoulder:-


After the western pick up of off-shoulder into traditional wear, this particular fashion took varieties of classified shoulder cuts, like oval cute,
oval ruffle cut, and much more. Sarees drapped on traditional off-shoulder blouse should be pleated fold both the edges and tuck on the shoulder, whereas for ruffle blouse twisted fold pallu can uphold something good and different. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.

*The V cut blouse:-

V cut shapes are old yet forms perfect stud for party wear sarees. If your saree is fully sequenced work or kind of shiny glittered, V cut blouse would give a perfect match. Sarees with V blouse can be drapped exactly with the joining point of V, and then left it swinging in the air. Click on the images to shop the same saree from a legit site.


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