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Do you know well about the Cyber security and hacking?

Hackers … that always sounds like master villains in the press, who, like in the film, access computers without any obstacles and rummage for data there. In reality, however, things look different: Instead of remote access, dirty tricks, such as cyber-attacks, account hacks, or social engineering, are used. Obtaining this data is not a masterly feat of the attacker, but rather a huge omission on the part of the person or organization that is ultimately affected by the attack. Roughly speaking, even if it sounds hard: The people concerned have either installed manure – or built manure with password protection. Big companies such as Amazon also provide the web services to organizations to protect their data. That’s why AWS course in London is getting more and more popular.

Yes, exactly: For all major leaks in the past, the error is primarily related to the misconduct of the users concerned. The biggest leak is still in front of the computer. Users who simply use stupidly simple passwords are also easy prey for cybercriminals. Through cloud and social media, everyone has a whole range of accounts today: In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Co., the accounts of the operating system manufacturers – i.e. Apple ID, Google and Microsoft accounts – are particularly explosive, just like Services such as Dropbox

Protect against Trojans

Finally, there is of course another problem in addition to the accounts: So-called Trojans, small malware programs that open a back door to the attacker’s computer or even allow the attacker to have full access to the target PC. That’s why Cyber Security Course in Qatar is important to keep your network and data safe. Other programs simply log everything that is entered on the computer; attackers can use this to steal passwords and other sensitive data. A virus scanner or anti-virus including a firewall protects against all these pests and above all hygiene: do not click on anything whose source you do not know!

The bottom line is that there is little to consider making it more difficult for computer criminals to work and protect you from a hacker attack: Use secure passwords and encryption where possible and use the option of two-factor authentication for important online services.


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