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Different types of laboratory work tables visible in laboratories all around the world.

For a successful laboratory experiment or a scientific experiment, finding the right workstation is essential. With the right types of equipment and proper work surface, the operation becomes more comfortable and yields an error-free result.

Laboratory worktables are the most used workstations to conduct experiments, manage other related works like reading or writing. Hence, in a lab, a laboratory work table is essential. It allows the workers to conduct their experiments, complete other works. Moreover, the worktable offers a quiet and convenient workspace for scientific tests.

Hence, a lab needs to buy work tables that are ideal for the lab condition and also for the lab work type. Lab worktables can differ in different labs and with lab work areas like biological science, physics, or chemistry. Hence, the worktables come with many variations. Here are the main differences of laboratory worktables you can find in different labs-

  • Lab work tables with sink and storage

It is common in biological laboratories or even in pharmaceutical laboratories. Lab worktables with sink and storage are also great for chemistry labs. The models come with a sink on one or both sides.

In general, the design depends on the length of the worktable. If the worktable is long and more extensive, it may have two sinks on either side to accommodate two workers.

In general, such lab tables come with laminated surface or resin epoxy surface. But, some models also come with stainless steel work surfaces. You can choose as per your lab work habits and environment. Additionally, these tables also have some storage drawers or stogie cabinets under the working surface. The storage space is convenient for keeping things like small equipment, glass beakers, or other items.

The sink allows you to clean or sterilize substances or materials before experimenting readily. Additionally, it also ensures instant cleaning after the experiment is over. The sink can also help in case some adverse situation arises.

  • Lab Table without storage

The lab tables without storage or simple lab work tables are the most traditional ones. It is a simple table with a smooth and stable work surface. Their simplistic design makes them ideal for rugged use.

The primitive lab tables are versatile and can be used for different requirements. It works great as a workstation for conducting experimental works. You can also use it as a writing table to take down notes or for wiring down essential things. Moreover, it is the best choice for keeping machines with safety.

Almost every lab has a simple lab table. It is best for making things more comfortable for the workers and also to organize the lab accurately. You can adjust the height and design of this table to fulfills your requirements.

  • Lab table with storage

Some lab tables come with a storage compartment under their working surface. It is a stable and durable table that is quite common in almost every lab. You will find these tables in school laboratories, college laboratories, and even the high-standard and advanced labs. Their design makes them convenient as storage and also as a workstation.

The surface usually has a coating of lamination or epoxy resin. Hence, the table can withstand harsh chemicals to a great extent. Below the work, the surface lays a storage compartment. The classic models come with shelves and racks. But the more advanced models have some added features. You can opt for a lab table that has hutch style storage, or you can opt for storage drawers of different sizes as per your requirement. The storage can be used for storing books, diaries, small stationeries, lab equipment, and many other things.

  • Portable work station

The portable work tables are important in laboratories where a workstation needs to get out of the restricted environment or move in different places. The portable tables have wheels under their legs and can be moved from one place to another. In general, portable tables inside laboratories are the smallest and are for simple uses. You need to choose the mobile work table design as per your requirement.

It is convenient., portable and you can move them anywhere you want. But, these are less stable than the fixed tables. But, modern portable work tables come with advanced wheels that you can set in a position to prevent them from moving.

You can choose for a portable laboratory work table with storage, one with sink or with both storage and sink. Then, some work tables offer movable work surfaces.

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